How to Regulate Indoor Humidity

Are air purifiers worth it?

Do Air Purifiers Make a Difference?

Do Air Purifiers Really Make a Difference? Do air purifiers make a difference or would you rather do without one? Well, big question ...
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how to drain a dehumidifier to the outside

How to Drain a Dehumidifier to the Outside

How Do You Hook Up a Dehumidifier to Drain Water Continuously? Living in high humidity places like Florida, Texas, and Seattle can be ...
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Can Mold Grow At 60 Percent Humidity?

Can Mold Grow At 60 Percent Humidity In The House? If you check your hygrometer, and you see that the humidity level reads ...
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Do humidifiers have Freon

Do Dehumidifiers Have Freon?

What is Freon in Dehumidifiers And Why It’s Illegal! Do humidifiers have Freon? First, most of the dehumidifiers in the market use a ...
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does humidity make you pee more

Does Humidity Make You Pee More?

Why Do I Pee More In Humid Weather? And Why It’s Okay! If there's high humidity and temperature, you will pee more often ...
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