How To Remove Stale Air from House: 10 Effective Ways

how to remove stale air from house

10 Ways to Get Rid of Stale Air From Your Home Have you ever entered a room in your house and felt like the air was thick enough to cut with a knife and stagnant? That’s stale air! It can be unpleasant, stuffy, and even lead to headaches or drowsiness. But what exactly is stale … Read more

How to Dehumidify a Bathroom Naturally: 10 Simple Ways

How to Dehumidify a Bathroom Naturally

How To Reduce Moisture Without A Dehumidifier: Tips That Work Perfectly The recommended humidity level is 30 to 50%, but bathrooms and kitchens always raise it much higher than that. Bathrooms are especially notorious for harboring moisture, because of the showers, baths, and other water-intensive activities. If there is 70 percent humidity inside, it can … Read more

Does 100% Humidity Mean Rain is Coming? Not Quite!

does 100% humidity mean rain

Will It Always Rain when Humidity is 100 Percent? Not Guaranteed! It is possible to have 100 percent humidity and not have rain. It all comes down to the dewpoint and the air temperature difference. If there is 100% humidity and the air temperature stays above the dewpoint temperature, there will not be rain. 100 … Read more