Negative Side Effects of Air Purifiers

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Air Purifier Side Effects You MUST Be Aware Of There are so many benefits of air purifiers. Likewise, there are also some negative side effects of air purifiers. This is no surprise really because many home appliances have their side effects. For instance, ultrasonic humidifiers produce white dust. Humidifiers can also increase mold development. This … Read more

Can Air Purifiers Make the Air Dry?

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Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air? When you get a new appliance for your home use, you want to know whether it has any downsides. Thus, if you have bought an air-purifying unit, you might ask: can air purifiers make the air dry? This article may contain affiliate links. Also, as an Amazon Associate … Read more

Does A Fish Tank Act As A Humidifier?

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Do Fish Tanks Increase Humidity? If you are poet fish lover and you have an aquarium, you might ask… does a fish tank act as a humidifier? Anything that contains water can be a natural humidifier. When the water start to evaporate, it will increase humidity in the room. In another article, we saw how … Read more