AIRCARE Humidifier not Producing Mist & Other Issues

If your AIRCARE humidifier keeps shutting off, you have come to the right place. Here, you will learn tips to help you troubleshoot it.

Please note that here we are not discussing how to troubleshoot the bigger AIRCARE evaporative humidifiers.

Rather, we are looking at the smaller AIRCARE Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier that you can buy on

Back to the problem of your humidifier going off all the time…

In this blog, we have discussed many humidifier problems, including ultrasonic humidifiers making white dust.

We also looked at the most important checks you can carry out if you notice that your Pure Enrichment humidifier is not working.

So, why does my humidifier keep turning off? It could have run out of water, or it could have broken down. When the humidifier is not set up properly, it might not sense the tank, and therefore it might refuse to turn on.

AIRCARE humidifier keeps turning off: 8 Things

AIRCARE humidifier keeps shutting off

A humidifier that just won’t stay running can be very frustrating. Remember, this can happen even to a pretty new humidifier.

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If it is too old, perhaps it is time to toss it into the trash can and get another one. But if it is newish, well, it is time to do these three checks:

1. There isn’t enough power

If the available power is not enough to meet the AMP rating of your AIRCARE unit, it will work on and off. It can also damage the circuitry. Try changing the humidifier from that socket and trying another one.

Check whether the power cable is shorted. If it has, the unit will keep going off unexpectedly.

2. If it is a warm mist humidifier: Check the heating elements

If you have a warm mist humidifier, sometimes a layer of minerals can coat the heating elements. The appliance will just refuse to start, or it will shut down after a short time.

Once you clean up the elements, it should work. Perhaps you might even need to change the elements.

If it is a cool mist humidifier, try the most common checks. First, you should check whether the tank has water.

Since this appliance produces mist from the water in the tank, if there is no water, it just won’t turn on. If it does, it will not run for long.

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3. Check the humidity settings

Image of humidity control settings

If the humidity setting is too low and the humidistat senses that the set humidity level is good, it will just shut off. Even if you restart it, it will shut down after some time.

To ensure that this is not the problem, try setting the humidity a bit higher and then watch what happens. If it works alright, you have set the humidity level too low.

Also, check that the tank contains enough water, ensuring it is full.

4. Check mineral deposits on the filters

Cool mist humidifiers come with filters, and when they clog up with minerals, they become hard to fix. Thus, you have to open the appliance to access the filters. You can either clean them or replace them altogether.

It is vital to note that not all cool mist humidifiers come with filters. Therefore, do not be surprised if yours doesn’t have one.

Just follow the guidelines in the user manual to open up the appliance and check inside to see what could be wrong.

If you are not sure how to go about it, just leave it so that you don’t void the warranty.

5. There is water in the circuitry

Because this appliance works with water, some water might find its way to the circuitry. It can happen from spills when you are attaching the tank or from other related accidents.

Water in the circuitry could also cause a humidifier to stop working after cleaning.

If you are good with your hands, you can dismantle the humidifier by removing the tank, the base, and other parts. When you access the wiring and find water, it’s the reason for the unit turning off all the time.

You just need to dry it well, which might take a few days. In most cases, you do not even have to dismantle the unit. Just leave it for several days without using it to air-dry completely.

6. Check the humidifier tank cap

In some cases, we have had issues with the humidifier going off due to the tank cap being too tight such that it creates a vacuum.

However, those are just a few isolated cases. In many instances, if the humidifier tank cap is not installed correctly, the unit keeps going off!

Remove the cap, put it back correctly, and see whether the humidifier will stop going off.

7. It has factory defects

There have been cases of humidifiers that just stopped working or that did not raise the humidity to the set level despite running for hours on end.

A humidifier can come with factory defects. If you realize that this is the problem, just return the unit for a replacement or a refund.

You should always find out the warranty on the appliance that you are buying. A warranty makes your purchase risk-free.

8. AIRCARE humidifier keeps turning off: Mist on the sensor

Aircare humidifier humidity sensor

AIRCARE makes many humidifiers that you can use to enhance your indoor spaces. They make humidifiers of all types and their filters.

If you have one of their portable humidifiers at home, well, you will want it to run continuously, whenever it is in use, until it increases humidity to the desired level.

However, as happens with other appliances, from time to time, your small AIRCARE humidifier might start turning off when you need it most.

Many things could be causing this. However, as we have shown you in other parts of this article, always start with the simplest checks.

For instance, if the mist falls on the humidity sensor, it might trigger the sensor to think that the humidity is high. Therefore, it can keep turning on and off.

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Another simple check you should make is the cap. If it is tied up too tight, it could create a vacuum. To see whether this is the issue, loosen the cap a bit and leave it holding on by a few threads.

If you do not set the humidifier just right, it might keep going off. The tank has to be positioned right, the filters cleaned, and the mist settings just right.

AIRCARE Humidifier Keeps Shutting Off: FAQ

Humidifiers can stop working for several reasons. Here are some frequently asked questions that might shed more light on troubleshooting a humidifier when it fails to work:

Why does my AIRCARE humidifier keep shutting off?

If an AIRCARE humidifier cannot run continuously, check the simple things first. These are the power cord, the amount of water in the tank, and the water in the base (it will fail to work if there is too much water). If the humidifier is under warranty, call AIRCARE.

Why does my humidifier keep turning off?

This applies to all humidifiers, including the Vicks humidifier. Scale coats the heating elements. This scale forms from minerals in hard and tap water.

Check that the cable is not burned or cut, and ensure there is water in the tank. Poorly maintained humidifiers can also grow mold and cause mold toxicity signs.

Why does the humidifier turn itself off?

If a humidifier has a humidistat, it will work the same way as a thermostat. Once it increases the humidity to the set level of 30 to 50%, it will switch off automatically. Enter the right settings because too high humidity can cause mold.

Why does my humidifier keep stopping?

Warm mist humidifiers may not run continuously if there is mold. This is good because they would pump it out with the mist and cause humidifier sickness symptoms.

The heating elements of warm mist units fail to work when minerals build up on them.

Conclusion: AIRCARE humidifier keeps shutting off

If your AIRCARE humidifier keeps shutting off, the checks we have listed above can help you troubleshoot it.

Start with the simplest checks, such as the power cord. If you smell a burn, it has shorted. The smell of burning plastic is an indication of a burned power cord.

Hopefully, this should help you solve the problem of your humidifier turning off all the time.