What are the Benefits of Humidifier in Summer?

Many people ask: Do I need a humidifier during summer?

Yes, you can use this appliance in summer. But isn’t the weather very humid during this season?

Most people think you can only use one in winter when the air is dry. However, this appliance can become invaluable during summer.

Because the temperature is high, you need constant air conditioning inside. What this does is to dry the indoor air.

With dry air come dry skin, respiratory problems, asthma attacks, chapped lips and a lot of discomfort.

That is why you should reconsider storing that humidifying appliance during summer. A cool-mist humidifier is preferred in summer because it uses cold water and it can help to lower the temperature.

What are the benefits of a humidifier in summer?

Crank it up in the hot weather and increase the level of humidity in your home. You will breathe better, and enjoy your indoor living spaces some more.

Here are disadvantages of adding moisture to your indoor air:

1. You get better quality of air

In the hot season, it is hot and humid. Most probably, you have tried to open windows to get the fresh air, but the humidity and heat are too much.

What do you do when indoors? You turn on the air conditioner to reduce the heat. The result is constant air conditioning that makes the air dry and stale, which reduces the quality of air.

The solution is to turn on the humidifier. It will help to add moisture and improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Dry air can cause you to be uncomfortable, and you may end being restless night and not get a good night’s sleep.

2. Reduce breathing problems

Dry air causes a lot of breathing problems. The air is associated with dry nasal passages, cracked and dry sinuses that make allergies worse. They also causes sinus infections and nasal irritation.

However, when you use a humidifier, it adds moisture into the air. This helps to moisturize the nasal passages and prevent triggering of allergies and asthma.

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Therefore, this is one of the benefits of a humidifier in the summer. It will help ease breathing problems that are associated with dry air.

3. Comfort

You should be comfortable when at home or office. However, in summer, it is hot and there is a lot of humidity outside.

The solution is to get indoors and to use air conditioning to reduce the heat. What you may not know is that the more the air conditioner runs, the dryer the air becomes.

You start feeling uncomfortable again. This time it is from your dry skin, chapped lips, dry throat, dry eyes and dry nasal passage.

You may start getting ill with coughs, allergic reactions and scratching your skin. You can also experience headaches because of the dry air.

The solution is to use a humidifier. It will add moisture into the air, and you will feel more comfortable. There will be no more coughs, triggered allergies, headaches or dry skin.

4. Prevents illnesses

Have you ever heard of the “sick office syndrome”? It is a condition whereby someone feels ill when in the office and gets better when outside.

And no, it is not that they dislike their workplace. The poor quality of air causes it.

Even at home, you could be ill when you stay indoors and feel better when you step outdoors.

Most office buildings and homes are air-conditioned. Because there is no air getting in from outside, the air quality is low. This results in people feeling ill.

A humidifier can help solve the problem, especially if it is combined with an air purifier. It will provide the right amount of humidity and get rid of air pollutants.

Have you ever felt disoriented in summer immediately you walked out of your office or house? It is because indoors there is lower temperatures and low humidity as a result of air conditioning.

The sudden change in humidity and temperature lowers the body’s immune system, and you can be prone to illness.

To prevent these illnesses, it is best to use a humidifier when indoors. That way, there will not be so much difference in humidity between the indoors and outdoors. As such, the immune system will not be affected.

5. A solution for allergies

Summer is associated with allergies. The air contains a lot of pollen, and the indoor air is dry. Both conditions make allergic reactions worse. If you have allergic symptoms from the pollutants, the dry air makes it worse.

using a humidifier for summer

The solution is to humidify your indoor space. You could get a combo humidifier/air purifier appliance. This will clear the air of the pollutants and reduce the irritation caused by dry air. Therefore, allergy symptoms will decrease.

Wrapping Up

As you have seen here, humidifiers are not only useful in winter, but they can make your hot months more comfortable indoors. There are many benefits of humidifier in summer.

They improve the quality of indoor air, reduce breathing problems, assist with allergies and help you sleep better.