Best Cordless Dehumidifier Reviews To Use

Is there a battery powered dehumidifier? That is what we are going to find out in this short post.

We know there are many cordless rechargeable dehumidifiers that you can move with from place to place. They are a favorite for many people because of their portability and effectiveness in small spaces.

With so many choices in the market, how do you choose the very best one, since they all claim to be the best?

First, here is a simple table I prepared to show you some popular portable dehumidifiers:




Pro Breeze Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

Battery can run for up to 30 days without need for a recharge

Good for use in the car, closet, desktop and other small spaces

Has a color indicator to show you level of humidity in your small space

UooEA Dehumidifier Closet Moisture Absorber

Has a space rating of 340 cubic feet

Can work for up to 14 days without recharging battery

Battery has a fast-quick function of 2 hours

Uses silicon crystal gel technology

Howay Store 2-pack rechargeable dehumidifiers for small spaces

Uses crystalized silica gel technology

Has a space rating of 350 square feet

It can remove 170ML of water on one charge and can run for up to 20 days

Has a dual inlet design to draw more air and do a faster job

Eva-Dry Mini dehumidifier for small spaces

It has a hook so you can hang it somewhere to keep it out of the way

Has a space rating of 333 cubic feet

Has crystallized silica gel beads that can absorb water for 4 weeks before you need to change them

Has no batteries or cables so it is very safe

That is what we are going to help you with. We will start with a small, mini dehumidifier from a very popular brand name. If you just need to remove a little moisture from your indoor air, this one is going to help you.

But first…

Disclaimer: Cordless rechargeable dehumidifier units are small, so they can only dehumidify a small space. Thus, if you need to dehumidify a basement or other large space, you can have a professional install a whole-house dehumidifier.

How do cordless dehumidifiers work?

Most, if not all of them, work using renewable silica gel technology. They have sachets of silica beads in the drying base.

The unit draws air from the room and passes this air over the beads. These beads capture the moisture, absorbing it while the dry air is released back into the room.

When the silica beads are saturated with water, the unit will show a green light, and you will know that it is time to recharge it.

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On a full charge, the portable cordless dehumidifier can last up to 30 days, but most of them do 20 days, which is still fair enough.

Best battery-powered dehumidifier to buy

The goal is to keep the humidity in your room between 30 and 50 percent. Too high humidity has serious effects on your health. Thankfully, today, dehumidifiers come in all sizes and styles, including some really portable and lightweight ones.

Here are two options you might consider:

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1. Pro Breeze cordless rechargeable cordless dehumidifier

Image of small cordless dehumidifier


This is a small, portable, rechargeable cordless dehumidifier. Thus, it is only best for small spaces such as a small office, bedroom, baby nursery, and so on. If you keep it in a large room, you will not find it very effective.

Pro Breeze cordless dehumidifier space rating is 333 cubic feet

To prevent mold from forming in the closet and damaging your clothes, you should use this dehumidifier. Just put it in the closet! It will do a great job.

If you have a small attic, you can use this dehumidifier. Mold forms in such places, and it can cause serious sickness when the mold spores start floating around.

Long-lasting battery on one charge

On a single charge, this dehumidifier is going to dehumidify your indoor air for up to 30 days. Of course, it depends on how often you run it.

Many people do not run their units throughout the day. Usually, a maximum of 7 hours is enough, even in places like Florida, which have high humidity.

Even if it lasts only 20 days, the fact that you will not have cables cluttering your place all over is very nice. It is worth it.

What really happens is that when the silica gel has absorbed up to 5 ounces of water, it needs to be regenerated. You do that by plugging in the Pro Breeze unit and recharging it.

It uses silica gel technology

To be precise, this dehumidifier uses renewable silica gel technology. This means there is a sachet of silica gel that is chemically inert. It does not exude toxic gases and is safe around kids and pets.

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When you switch the dehumidifier on, the humidity light indicates orange, meaning that the silica gel beads are dry and ready to absorb moisture if humidity is high.

If the humidity lowers and the silica beads become saturated, the light turns green. This means it is time to recharge the dehumidifier again.

This is a very lightweight unit. It weighs slightly less than 1 pound. Thus, you can transport it easily from place to place.

You can use this battery-powered dehumidifier for a car, camper van, motor home, closet, small office, and other small spaces.

2. MXRJUWM Wireless: Small battery-powered dehumidifier

Image of portable cordless dehumidifier


This is the best stack of rechargeable cordless dehumidifiers that you can use for small spaces. There are so many good things to love about this unit.

All-round ventilation

First, this unit collects air from all around it. It is ventilated all around, so it can do a faster job than dehumidifiers that pull in air from one side only.

If you need to dehumidify a small space faster, you can use it. Due to its small size, it is perfect for dehumidifying closets, RVs, camper vans, kitchens, bathrooms, and other small spaces.

Uses silica beads to trap moisture

The dehumidifier uses silica to absorb moisture. With this technology, you do not need a dehumidifier compressor, which makes the unit heavy.

When the silica gel becomes saturated with moisture, you can recharge the unit. This rechargeable cordless dehumidifier needs only 2 hours for a full recharge. On a full charge, it can last you up to 3 weeks.

The space recommendation for this small battery-powered dehumidifier is 340 cubic feet. If you use it in a room bigger than that, it might not lower the humidity to the required level fast enough. You can reuse the dehumidifying base (with the silica) up to 300 times.

As a 45-watt dehumidifier, this is not going to increase your electricity bill too much. You can refer to our article on do dehumidifiers use a lot of electricity to see what we mean.

Overall, this unit is great and does what the manufacturer says it can do. Remember to order the unit with the heating base rather than the top only.

Those two rechargeable cordless dehumidifiers will give you more than enough value for money. The quick charging time makes this one a winner.

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Battery-powered dehumidifier FAQ

For a first-time buyer, it can be hard to choose the best battery-powered cordless dehumidifier. To help you further, read the frequently asked questions:

Are portable dehumidifiers worth it?

They are worth it, but they are only good for dehumidifying small spaces that are not above 400 cubic feet.

The saving grace is that they are not expensive to run or buy. Portable dehumidifiers are so light in weight, some weighing even less than a pound.

Do cordless dehumidifiers exist?

There are so many of them. For instance, the Pro Breeze cordless rechargeable mini dehumidifier can run for up to 30 days with just one charge.

The MXRJUWM Wireless Small Dehumidifier charges quickly in 2 hours. These dehumidifiers are small, portable, and very effective at removing moisture from your indoor air for up to 350 cubic feet.

Can you get a rechargeable dehumidifier?

You can get a high-quality, small rechargeable dehumidifier for less than $20. Read the product description first to see the features that it comes with before you can place an order.

Rechargeable dehumidifiers remove the need for cables, which pose a hazard to pets and kids.

How long does a rechargeable dehumidifier last?

These dehumidifiers use silica gel technology to absorb moisture. The silica gel can be renewed (by charging) up to 300 times before it needs to be changed.

Considering that renewing the silica gel once can take at least 20 days, that is like 6000 days. If you convert that into years, you get up to 16 years. Overall, these rechargeable cordless dehumidifiers can last 10 good years.

How do rechargeable dehumidifiers work?

These dehumidifiers absorb water using the renewable silica gel technology. When the silica gel becomes saturated with water, the unit will indicate a green light to show you that you need to recharge it. Recharging dries the silica gel, giving it another lease of life to absorb more moisture from your indoor air.

Image of cordless rechargeable dehumidifier

Can one portable dehumidifier do a whole house?

The average size of an American house is 2600 square feet. Thus, a portable dehumidifier with a space rating of up to 4500 square feet will dehumidify a whole house easily. There are also portable humidifiers for the whole house.

Do dehumidifiers work in cars?

There are many battery-operated dehumidifiers for cars. The best unit for a car is a silica gel one, a rechargeable cordless dehumidifier.

That way, you can put it in a small space and leave it to do its job. The good thing is that the cordless rechargeable small dehumidifiers do not need emptying.

Are desiccant dehumidifiers better?

They are good for dehumidifying small spaces, and the overall benefit is that you do not need to empty the dehumidifier water. They have silica gel beads, and they pass the air with moisture on the beads.

The beads trap the moisture, and when they are saturated, they change color. That way, you know that it is time to charge the dehumidifier to dry them.

Final Thoughts

There are tens of mini dehumidifiers, big portable plug-in units such as Frigidaire and then there are the small, nimble, and effective cordless battery-powered dehumidifiers.

You can use these small dehumidifying units for closets, wardrobes, bathrooms, kitchens, RVs, motorhomes, cars, and aquariums.

They are so convenient, being cable-free. They are also easy to carry with you, and they do not need to be emptied, unlike traditional dehumidifiers that have water reservoirs.