Best Small Dehumidifier for Moisture Control for Closets: Top 3

Many sources will advise you to open the doors of the closet to air it out. However, if you live in a high humidity place like Seattle, you need the best small dehumidifier for closet. Airing it out is just not going to work!

If you neglect the humidity levels in the closet, mold will grow. This is a sinister indoor allergen and when exposed to it, it can cause serious mold toxicity symptoms among your family and pets.

Mold and mildew will also damage your clothing items. Thus, you must use a dehumidifier to control humidity in the closet.

So, among so many available units, which is the best one to buy? Keep reading!

Eva-Dry E-333: Best cordless dehumidifier for closet

best small dehumidifier for closet


The good thing about the Eva Dry dehumidifier is that it is renewable. It is also one of the easiest to use units since you just have to hang it in the closet and leave it to do its work.

This dehumidifier uses the silica gel technology to absorb moisture from the air. It will work for up to 30 days before you need to recharge the silica gels.

If the humidity is high though, it can work for 20 days before recharging, which is still a very good deal.

While we have reviewed battery operated dehumidifiers before, this one is different! There are no batteries to go AWOL on you, neither are there cables to trip your pets and kids. This is as cordless as they can ever get.

Because of its efficiency and small size, this unit is perfect for small bathrooms. If you are also looking for the best dehumidifier for a 2×2 grow tent, this one can work.

Another of the ways to use it is in cars, RV, boats, pantry and other small rooms. It can draw up to 180ML of water daily and it is space-rated for 333 cubic feet. This is just perfect for a small closet. It might not work for bigger closets.

When the silica gels are not saturated, the dehumidifier shows a green color. This eventually turns to red to alert you of the need to recharge the dehumidifier.

To recharge this dehumidifier you need to plug it into the wall. It is going to feel slightly hot, but that’s okay since a dehumidifier blows hot air anyway.

The integrated heating element dries out the silica gel and that is how you recharge this dehumidifier so that it can start lowering the humidity again.


  • Super quiet operation
  • There is absolutely no risk of this unit causing spills
  • Minimal cleaning needs
  • You can hang it on the wall so it does not occupy much space
  • Good for different types of small spaces
  • Sold with a 5-year warranty


  • Might really not last the promised 20 to 30 days before recharging, more like 15
  • You will likely notice no change if you use it in large spaces

Pro Breeze electric dehumidifier for closet


Electric mini dehumidifiers are more powerful than battery operated humidifiers or dehumidifiers. And this Pro Breeze mini dehumidifier ranks up there with the very best of them.

This is a small capacity dehumidifier since its tank can hold only 500ML of water.  This is enough for a medium closet. Unless there is too high humidity inside, it is not even going to fill up in one day.

It is designed with a red LED light to alert you when the bucket is full. It will then shut down automatically to prevent spilling water to the floor.

The dehumidifier consumes little electricity as its consumption has been rated at just 7 cents a day. That is a real money saver right here.

Imagine using such a small dehumidifier for the bedroom, get the job done efficiently and save money at the same time. That is incredible!

Dehumidifiers do not blow cold air. They blow warm air. Thus, do not place it too close to the clothes, or shoes in the closet.

Rather, as you can see in the post on whether to place a dehumidifier on the floor or up high, keep it elevated and away from the wall. You want it to have enough airflow.


  • Extracts a good amount of moisture from the air daily
  • Easy to remove the bucket and empty it
  • It shuts down automatically when full and gives you a red light
  • Can be used in small grow tent, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and others


  • It needs to be plugged into the socket
  • The lid to the bucket is too tight

Makayla Dehumidifier: Best electric dehumidifier for closet


This is one of the best looking small dehumidifiers for closet, boat, RV, car and other small spaces. It comes in a fantastic shape and design, and it blows dry air all around, in 360 degrees.

If the indoor temperature is right, this dehumidifier is going to remove up to 300ML of water from your closet in a day.

This considerably high capacity makes the dehumidifier perfect for big closets, and for homes in high humidity places like Florida.

Employing the Ultra-Quiet Peltier Technology, this dehumidifier is quiet, you know, at whisper level. Normal human conversation between two or three people is rated at 60dB.

The noise level for this dehumidifier is 39dB, so you can see why it is possible to sleep with a dehumidifier in the room and not disrupt your sleep.

You can run this dehumidifier as long as you want, without any worry. When it is full, it shows a red light, and it shuts down automatically. There is no risk of water overflowing to the floor.

With a large capacity water tank that can hold 860ML of water, this dehumidifier can run for up to three days before it needs emptying. Just make sure the indoor temperature is at least 30°C for perfect operation.

Also, do not use it in big spaces such as the basement. For such, you should get the Frigidaire 70-Pint dehumidifier.

Despite the slightly larger size as compared to the others we have reviewed here, the dehumidifier does not consume a lot of electricity.


  • Good for medium and large closets, up to 250 square feet
  • There is a button to switch lights off or on
  • Comes with 7 LED light colors
  • Easy to remove and insert the bucket, as well as clean it
  • No set up needed – just plug it in and run it


  • There have been complaints that it’s too slow

How to dehumidify a closet

The problem with humidity is that it moves from a point of high concentration to that of low concentration.

Therefore, even if the rest of the house has proper humidity, if there is high humidity in the closet, it will leak out and spread.

That’s why you need to know how to dehumidify a closet. It is not hard anyway, since you just need to invest in a small dehumidifier for the closet.

If not, you can use a DIY charcoal dehumidifier to lower the humidity level in the room. You could also use baking soda in a shallow pan. These two methods work perfectly if you do not want too high humidity.

You can choose to use a natural moisture absorber for the closet or you can choose to use a dehumidifier.

Best moisture absorber for closet

The best way to lower moisture in a closet is to use a dehumidifier. In this case, the best dehumidifier for this space is the Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier.

You can get the one with a space rating of 500 square feet, or the smaller one with 250 square feet.

You need a dehumidifier that has an auto-shut off feature so that it can switch off automatically when the bucket is full.

The Pro Breeze mini unit not only switches off, but it also shows a red LED light to alert you to empty the bucket.

The dehumidifier that you buy for the closet can be cordless or corded. Corded dehumidifiers are more powerful, so you should consider it if you live in a high humidity place.


If you are looking for the best small dehumidifier for the closet, you have found the best options here.

The Eva-Dry one uses silica gel technology, and it is perfect for small closets. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, so the manufacturer is very confident in it.

The other two are great too, with the Makayla being very good for large closets. But you can also help things along by opening the doors of the closet. This will help to increase airflow and lower the humidity naturally.