Can You Use Dehumidifier Water To Water Plants?

If you are an Eco-minded person, you will indeed want to know the answer to the question of: can you use dehumidifier water to water plants?

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In Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 5/02/2021 at 04.00AM, the humidity was high at 89%. That is quite high!

Therefore, if you live in such a place, you will definitely need to run a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture from your indoor air.

And indeed a good dehumidifier such as the 70-pint Frigidaire dehumidifier that we reviewed earlier can do a good job.

However, that is now all because …

What do you do with the dehumidifier water?

When looking for information online, we find that some people even look for things such as dehumidifier that makes drinking water.

But that is not what we are trying to look at here. We want to know whether you can use dehumidifier water for plants.


Is it OK to water plants with dehumidifier water? It is perfectly fine to water your houseplants or even garden plants, non-edible and consumable ones with dehumidifier water. Condensed water that comes from the dehumidifier is soft in nature. In addition, it is almost neutral when it comes to the pH. Therefore, you can also use it on plants such as orchids that require distilled water.

In a world that is fast becoming awake to the fact that water can be a depletable resource, saving as much of it as possible is a trend.

You can save the water that your dehumidifier collects. Perhaps you can even use it in your humidifier when the dry season comes.

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Why you may not use dehumidifier water to water edible plants

It is a good idea to use dehumidifier water on your non-edible plants such as orchids. However, it MAY not a good idea to use the same on your edible plants.

Please note the use of the word “May.”

First, there is a fear that the metal and plastic parts of the appliance can leak carcinogens into the water. Now, the same carcinogens would be transferred to your edible plants. In that case, you will end up consuming the same in the plants.

Image of is it ok to water plants with dehumidifier water

Of course, only a very minute amount of carcinogens will leak into the water. However, in these days where cancers have become so rampant, you can never be too cautious.

Do not take chances. Just use safer water for your consumable plants. It is better that way than having to worry too much.

When You May use Water from a Dehumidifier to Water Your Plants

You may wonder whether we are not contradicting ourselves by including this section, but we might as well discuss it. Yes, in some cases, you may indeed use dehumidifier water to water your consumable plants.

I will explain why.

First, before you do that, make sure that your dehumidifier has good filters. That way, no heavy metals, dust mites, pollen and other contaminants pass through the filter. If the filters are good, then you may use this water for your edible plants.

The hot and cold coils on the dehumidifier are made of aluminum and copper. Therefore, there will always be that fear that some of these metals will leak into the water.

However, research shows that there are so minimal, in fact, negligible amounts of these metals in the water. Therefore, they cannot get to your plants.

Of course, the king of all heavy metals is lead. In this case, it is not available in the copper or aluminum pipes. Therefore, the condensate water that you collect from the dehumidifier will be free of lead.

Can you drink the water from a dehumidifier?

Definitely not. I know some sources will say that this water is clean, and of course, it looks clean.

However, dehumidifier manufacturers do not use food grade plastics and metals. Therefore, the water coming from the dehumidifier will certainly have some carcinogens, which have leaked from the plastic and metal parts of this appliance.

Therefore, even if some sources tell you can drink this water as long as the humidifier coils are clean, just don’t. It is better not to drink it.

On that note, perhaps you would like to read our article on how to clean dehumidifier coils.

Here are two other reasons why you should not drink dehumidifier water:

  • It might contains heavy metals such as lead, copper and others
  • It might contain microorganisms because it stays stagnant in the tank

Therefore, drinking water from dehumidifier is not safe at all. Perhaps you can try purifying it by filtering it. However, only do this as a last resort of sorts.

Is dehumidifier water safe to drink? Another reason why you may not drink water from the dehumidifier is that it can contain mold spores.

Since a dehumidifier handles water all the time, mold can develop in the pipes as well as in the reservoir. In this case, while the pH of dehumidifier water might be good, if you drink this water, you might be drinking the mold spores.

On the same note, even when the dehumidifier HEPA filters are working just fine, there is always a chance that contaminants like mold, dust mites, pollen and others, can always pass, albeit in small quantities. Therefore, when you drink this condensate, you will be drinking them in.

Water from a dehumidifier is it distilled?

Is water from a dehumidifier distilled? This is a very common question.

Another common question is that of: Is water from a dehumidifier the same as distilled water?

First, the pH of dehumidifier water is as neutral as its gets, actually, it is more neutral than that of distilled water. For instance, distilled water often absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere thus lowering its pH to 5.8.

Therefore, if you ask: is dehumidifier water clean? The answer is, it is cleaner and purer than distilled water, if your dehumidifier filters are working as they should.

Image of is water from dehumidifier distilled

Back to the question of whether the water from a dehumidifier is distilled, well, the answer is … not exactly.

Actually, this water is a condensate since it has been condensed in the cooling coils. Therefore, this water is demineralized.

What this means is that the water does not contain minerals that can help your plants. Therefore, you will have to provide your plants with nutrients from elsewhere.

On the other hand, you can use this water to water plants that do not like mineralized water.


Can you use dehumidifier water to water plants? The answer is, you can without fear. However, when it comes to edible plants, you might want to reconsider a bit if your dehumidifier is one of those old ones. It may be letting some carcinogens leak into the water in minute quantities.

On the same note, plants do seem to really love the dehumidifier water. You see, it is purer than distilled water.

So, finally, is dehumidifier water safe for plants? It is. You can use it on orchids and other plants that require distilled water. You will save yourself a good amount of money.

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