What Do You Need Most Between Air Purifier Vs. Air Conditioner?

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Which is Better Air Conditioner or Air Purifier? Demystified! Between air purifier vs air conditioner, which one do you really need? I would say that you need both. Take, for example, a place like Utah. This state experiences very hot summers, with the temperature ranging from 85°F/29.4°C to 100°F/38°C in July. Also, consider the fact … Read more

The Negative Side Effects of Air Purifiers That Can Be Scary

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The Air Purifier Side Effects Revealed: Stay Aware! There are so many benefits of air purifiers. Likewise, there are also some negative side effects of air purifiers. This is no surprise really because many home appliances have their side effects. For instance, ultrasonic humidifiers produce white dust. Humidifiers can also increase mold development. This indoor … Read more

Honeywell Air Purifier Keeps Shutting Off: Possible Causes Revealed

Why Does My Honeywell Air Purifier Keep Shutting Off? Some people complain that their Honeywell air purifier keeps shutting off. Honeywell is one of the most popular air purifiers and essential oil diffuser manufacturers in the market. They also make high-quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Thus, it is little wonder that many troubleshooting questions are related … Read more

Will A Small Air Purifier Work In A Large Room?

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What Happens If Your Air Purifier Is Too Small? Size and space rating for an air purifier are very important. The same applies to a humidifier or dehumidifier. So, can you use a small air purifier in a large room? Use small air purifiers in small rooms. If you use a small air purifier in … Read more