How to Dehumidify a Bathroom Naturally: 10 Simple Ways

How to Dehumidify a Bathroom Naturally

How To Reduce Moisture Without A Dehumidifier: Tips That Work Perfectly The recommended humidity level is 30 to 50%, but bathrooms and kitchens always raise it much higher than that. Bathrooms are especially notorious for harboring moisture, because of the showers, baths, and other water-intensive activities. If there is 70 percent humidity inside, it can … Read more

Why is Your Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water in Winter?

dehumidifier not collecting water in winter

Dehumidifier Doesn’t Lower Humidity In Cold Weather: Reasons There are many reasons why a dehumidifier will not collect water in the winter. First, the air is too cold, and dehumidifiers only work best in 15 to 30 degrees Celsius temperature range. If it is lower than that, it is definitely not going to work well. … Read more

Why Dehumidifier Bucket Fills with Hose Attached

dehumidifier is not draining through the hose

Dehumidifier Is Not Draining Through The Hose: Reasons Revealed Nothing could be more disconcerting than finding your dehumidifier’s bucket overflowing despite a dutifully attached hose. You do not know what to do, especially as the unit will switch off automatically once the bucket is full. This means you start getting high humidity levels inside the … Read more

Dehumidifier Not Draining through the Hose? 14 Reasons

dehumidifier not draining through hose

Why Is My Dehumidifier Not Draining With The Hose? Main Reasons and Fixes Dehumidifiers pull in the wet air, pass it through the filters, and suck out the excess moisture out of the air like tiny sponges. They then have to dispose of the collected moisture, either through the dehumidifier bucket or through the dehumidifier … Read more