Why Does Humidity Make Me Feel Awful?

Why Does Humidity Make Me Feel Awful

Can Humidity Make You Dizzy? And Why It Can Kill You Why does humidity make me feel awful, and what exactly are you going to feel when you stay in a place that has high humidity? To tell you a bit about my personal experience, I have had a bad run with humidity, to the … Read more

Dehumidifier Symbols Meaning: Simplified User Guide

dehumidifier symbols meaning

What Do The Buttons On Dehumidifier Mean? On the user panel of your dehumidifier, you will see several symbols. If you are a beginner user, it can be hard to know their meaning. But I will show you in this short post today. Choosing the best dehumidifier with drain hose for basement, or any other … Read more

Why Does Heating Decrease The Humidity?

why does heating decrease the humidity

How Does Heating Affect Humidity? It Lowers Relative Humidity During the winter, when it is super cold, you have no option but to run the heat. And you will need to crank the humidifier too. This is because heating decreases the humidity in the house. If you are not careful, you may end up experiencing … Read more

Does a Dehumidifier Purify Air?

does a dehumidifier purify air

Does a Dehumidifier Help Purify the Air? If you live in Fresno, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, all in California, well, you could be breathing in polluted air, without knowing. And that is not all because California has an average yearly humidity of 67.8 percent. That is why you need to run a dehumidifier. However, seeing as … Read more