Are Mini Humidifiers Effective?

Is A Small Humidifier Enough for a Room? Are mini humidifiers effective at lowering humidity? That is what we shall find out in this short post. In the past, we have reviewed the best small humidifiers for bedrooms, the best humidifiers for 3×3 grow tent, humidifier for 4×4 grow tent, and many more. We saw … Read more

Does Humidity Make You Pee More?

does humidity make you pee more

Why Do I Pee More In Humid Weather? And Why It’s Okay! If there’s high humidity and temperature, you will pee more often as the body tries to expel fluid. Usually, the body expels excess fluid through sweating, but if the humidity is high, the sweat does not evaporate. It stays on your skin making … Read more

Aircare Humidifier Not Misting? Stressing, but Fixable!

aircare humidifier not misting

Aircare Humidifier Not Producing Mist: 9 Causes & Fixes You Can Do Easily I have owned an Aircare humidifier for close to 5 years now. It is hardy and effective. However, like other units, it too has its fair share of troubles. I have experienced the problem of Aircare humidifiers not misting a few times, … Read more

Is A Humidifier Good for Asthma?

Image of is a humidifier good for asthma

Is A Cool Mist Humidifier Good For Asthma? Doctors Say It Can Help Is a humidifier good for asthma? A humidifier adds moisture to the air in the form of mist. This makes the air easier and smoother to inhale. The air does not irritate or inflame your airways and it won’t hurt your lungs. … Read more