Are Vicks Humidifiers Safe for Dogs?

Are vicks humidifiers safe for dogs

Can Dogs Use Vicks Humidifier? The Truth Revealed Here! Vicks humidifiers are safe for dogs if you can keep it where the dog will not reach it. It is also recommended to use a cool mist humidifier in a room that pets frequent because a warm mist one poses the risk of scalding. When you … Read more

Why Honeywell Humidifier Smells Like Plastic

Why Honeywell Humidifier Smells Like Plastic

Honeywell Humidifier Has A Burning Smell? Plastic Smell & Other Weirdos? The Causes That Escape the Minds of Many People If your Honeywell humidifier smells like plastic, it is time to dig deeper and find out what could be the cause of that. Also, humidifiers are notorious for smelling like burning. So, you are going … Read more

Why Would You Want a Humidifier?

image of benefits of using a humidifier

Why Having a Humidifier is Good: 10 Healthy Benefits Why would you want a humidifier? Apart from controlling the humidity of your indoor air, humidifiers help you sleep better, enjoy better health, protect you from stuffy nose, chapped lips, and cracked skin. Humidifiers play a crucial role in improving the indoor air quality and making … Read more

Health Problems from High Humidity in the House

Image of high humidity in house health problems

Serious Health Effects of High Humidity in the House There are several health problems from high humidity in the house that you should be aware of. Humidity is the moisture content in the air. You can use a hygrometer to find out whether your indoor humidity is too high. In another article, we said that … Read more

Humidifier Easy To Clean No Filter: Reviews & FAQ

Best Humidifier Easy to Clean no Filter: Top 3 Units Humidifier filters can be a spot of bother to clean. That’s why I prefer an easy to clean no filter humidifier. Did you know that a humidifier keeps turning off when the filter is dirty? But, I am still cognizant of the fact that a … Read more