Mini Atomization Humidifier Not Working: Causes & Solutions

Mini Atomization Humidifier Not Steaming & Other Issues Do you have the problem of a mini atomization humidifier not working? You have come to the right place. A humidifier increases the humidity of a room by pumping mist into the dry air. It breaks water into tiny particles, which it releases into your indoor air … Read more

Best Humidifier for Sinus Problems Guide

Image of best humidifier for sinus problems

What Type of Humidifier Is Best For Sinus Issues? If you or one of your family members has been experiencing sinus issues, you will want to invest in the best humidifier for sinus problems. A humidifier increases the moisture content in the air. This appliance increases the humidity in your indoor air. It turns water … Read more

Does A Baby Need A Humidifier in Summer? Big Yes!

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Do You Really Need A Humidifier for Baby in Summer? If you are a mom to a newborn, you might be asking: does a baby need a humidifier in summer? In many places, the humidity is high outside and inside during summer, so we are more likely to crank the dehumidifier than the humidifier. Babies … Read more

High Humidity and Dust Mites? Sadly, Yes!

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What is the relationship between humidity and dust mites? What we mean to ask is: If you lower humidity, can it help to get rid of dust mites? If you raise the RH level in your house, what happens to dust mites? There are many allergens to contend with indoors. Dust mites are one of … Read more

Can a Bowl of Water Act As a Humidifier?

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Can a bowl of water act as a humidifier? Sometimes, you do not need to run the humidifier if you just want to raise the humidity slightly, say, from 45 to 50%. If your Pure Enrichment humidifier has failed and you cannot order a new one right away, you might try a DIY method to … Read more