Mold Growth Humidity Chart: How the Fungus Grows!

mold growth humidity chart

Checking a mold growth humidity chart is important if you live in a place that has high humidity, such as Seattle. If you live in Florida, where humidity creeps into the 90s in November, you will always be afraid of mold creeping into some space in your house. And rightly so! However, did you know … Read more

At What Humidity Does Mold Grow? Be Empowered!

at what humidity does mold grow

You have bought a new humidifier, but you are hesitant to start using it because you are afraid raising the humidity will make mold grow in your house. But wait first… At what humidity does mold grow? High humidity alone does not cause mold, as long as you don’t raise it excessively. Keeping the right … Read more

Humidifier Tablets to Prevent Mold: They are Powerful!

You might want to use humidifier tablets to prevent mold in your appliance. If you don’t have demineralization cartridges, you can use humidifier tablets. If this is the first time you are reading about these tablets, they look like the Hunter Demineralization Tablets that you can buy on Amazon. You can click the image below … Read more

Can A Dehumidifier Spread Mold Spores? No Need To Worry

Image of Can a dehumidifier spread mold spores

Or Does a Dehumidifier Help with Mold Spores? Can a dehumidifier spread mold spores? Well, I can see where this kind of question would come from. After all, a dehumidifier is a water-handling appliance. And water and mold go together! We have also mentioned several times that having high humidity outside and inside can cause … Read more