Do Dehumidifiers make the Room Warmer?

This short post on Do dehumidifiers heat up a room? shall be like a follow-up to a similar article we did some time ago.

In that article, we asked: why is my dehumidifier blowing hot air? And we saw various reasons. The general agreement was that a dehumidifier should blow warm air into the room.

If a dehumidifier blows cold air into the room, it is broken and needs to be fixed.

So… dehumidifier blows “hot” air, agreed! But is this enough to heat up a room in the cold season or at night?

That’s what we’ll find out here.

Do dehumidifiers heat up a room? A wee bit

do dehumidifiers heat up a room

When you put your hand against the dehumidifier grille, you will feel warm air pumping out. The bigger the dehumidifier is, the more warm air it will release. But this air is drier, so it cools down faster.

Dehumidifiers will heat up small spaces. It is possible to feel the warmth level rise after you have had the dehumidifier working for some time.

For large basement dehumidifiers, you might not feel the change in the warmth levels of your air. The warm air from the dehumidifier will dissipate quickly in the cold air of the basement.

Whether a dehumidifier heats up a room so that you can feel the effect depends on the size of the unit as well as the space.

Dehumidifiers are primarily designed to remove excess moisture from the air in a room. But we can always find other uses for our units. For instance, you can use a dehumidifier to dry clothes.

Do dehumidifiers put out a lot of heat?

Do dehumidifiers put out a lot of heat

Dehumidifiers put out warmth rather than heat. The answer to this question is no; they do not put out a lot of heat. Just a little bit of warmth!

Humidity is related to temperature. Drier air becomes cool faster. When the dehumidifier withdraws moisture from the air, it cools down faster.

That’s why you don’t notice any warmth levels in your home despite running the dehumidifier from 10PM to 7AM.

If you are experiencing a cold and damp season, do not depend on the dehumidifier alone to make your room warm, even a small room. But there is no problem running a heater and a dehumidifier at the same time. If the air is too humid and cold, you can run both at the same time.

Do dehumidifiers help to keep the house warm?

They help, albeit slightly. Unless you are only thinking of dispelling minimal coldness in a small room, a dehumidifier will not really do much to keep you warm.

It produces so little warmth, which you can mostly experience by placing your hand against the grille. If you move it a short distance away, you will find that the warmth dissipates easily.

If your dehumidifier fails to warm the house, you should not be disappointed. After all, it is not designed to raise the temperature of the room. It is only supposed to lower the humidity level in your room.

The temperature of the air in your room will increase just a few degrees Fahrenheit, so you will not even feel it.

Is the dehumidifier making the basement hot? No!

Dehumidifier making the basement hot

This is not possible, so before you blame the dehumidifier, look for another culprit. Since we use dehumidifiers in summer most of the time, it could be that the air is generally hotter.

A dehumidifier will increase the warmth by a few degrees Fahrenheit, so you will not feel it at all.

In another article, we say that outside humidity can affect the humidity inside. The same applies to temperature.

If the heat is high outside, it will be high inside. Thus, if your basement feels too hot, it could be the effect of the temperature outside. You need to seal the basement properly.

When using a dehumidifier in the basement, it should make the air cooler. It will pass the moist air over the refrigerant coils, and the water will condense and drip to the collecting pan. The dry air will then be blown back into the house.

The water in the collecting pan will be disposed of automatically if your dehumidifier has a pump, or you will have to empty the bucket when it gets full.

Dry air cools down faster than warm air. That’s how a humidifier can help cool down a hot basement.

Do dehumidifiers cool or heat a room?

Do dehumidifiers cool or heat a room

Dehumidifiers produce little warmth. However, they cool a room more than they warm it. Dehumidifiers generally make the air dry. This helps to alleviate the sickness symptoms that come from high humidity.

But you can use a dehumidifier to dry a room. This does not happen because it produces hot air.

It happens because of the evaporation coming from the floor, which the dehumidifier will suck in and draw the moisture out of.

In summer, when you run your dehumidifier for mould, it removes the moisture from the air and lowers the temperature.

If the temperature is high, using the dehumidifier alone is not enough to cool the room. You might have to run the air conditioner and the dehumidifier at the same time.

Always remember that the dehumidifier is not designed to lower the temperature of a room. It is just to lower the humidity level to between 30 and 50 percent.

If you want to know whether you can run the dehumidifier, check the dewpoint temperature on the hygrometer since it is more accurate than the relative humidity.

If the dewpoint temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll have high humidity outside and inside. You will need to dehumidify the air.

If the dewpoint temperature is below 40, the air will be dry. You might need to run your humidifier to increase the humidity level.

Final Thoughts: Do dehumidifiers put out a lot of heat?

Do dehumidifiers heat up a room to the extent that you can really feel the warmth?

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen. Dehumidifiers are not primarily designed to provide a high heat output. They just warm the indoor air a little bit.

Therefore, your dehumidifier is not going to make your room warm. It will just remove the extra humidity from the air.

With lower humidity, the air becomes cooler faster, so the dehumidifier might actually cool the air more than warm it.

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