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Do Humidifiers Help With Sinus Problems?

Do humidifiers help with sinus problems?

With tens of these products in the market, it can be a bit hard for a first-timer to choose the best humidifier for sinus problems.

So, is a humidifier for sinus good? Experts advise you to buy a cool mist humidifier for sinus. This is because when cool and moist air gets into contact with the swollen sinus, they contract, thus enabling one to breathe. Warm mist would make the sinus membranes to swell. 

Of course, you could always buy a humidifier for sinuses on However, when you do that without information, you may not get good value for your money.

And that is why you are reading this short article. That way, you do not have to buy a humidifier for sinuses blindly.

But first, what are these sinus problems?

Have you been experiencing symptoms such as constant nasal discharge, nasal congestion, a sharp pain between your eyes and forehead?

If yes, then you might be suffering from a condition known as sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs when the cavities around your nasal passages are infected by bacteria, virus, allergens and airborne irritants among others.

The infection causes the tissue lining the nasal region to swell or become inflamed, causing agony and discomfort.

The swelling in the sinus interferes with the normal nasal drainage. This results to a mucus buildup in the nasal cavities. This, in return, makes the person affected experience breathing problems and more discomfort.

Dry air is bad – get a humidifier for nasal congestion

Among the things that worsen the already irritated sinuses is breathing dry air. Dry air makes the mucus thicker

This leads to more congestion in the nasal passage. One of the best ways of making sure you inhale well-moisturized air is by using a humidifier such as the one below.

Get the best humidifier for sinus problems and do away with dry air from your rooms. This appliance adds the essential humidity or moisture in your air. It relieves you of the discomfort and irritation that dry air causes on sinuses.

When you decide to buy a humidifier for stuffy nose, the next challenge is to determine best unit among the ones on sale.

The market is stuffed with all manner of humidifiers. In the upcoming section, I will share with you some of major the factors that you should consider when choosing your humidifier.

Please note, an ultrasonic humidifier will cause humidifier white dust if your water has minerals. This pale dust might make your sinuses worse.

Choosing best humidifier for sinus problems

After you know the answer to: does a humidifier help with stuffy nose? You will want to order one. But first, here are a few things to guide you to get the best humidifier for congestion.

Diffusion properties

When you have sinus problems, it is advisable that you use certain medications or essential oils to relieve the agony.

When shopping for the best small humidifier for sinus problems, it is advisable that you consider settling for one with a diffusion system.

Such a system allows the unit to diffuse essential oils and medicinal vapors that ease the sinus discomfort and pain.

Some units come with special compartments where you put the medicine or oils and the humidifier will pull them from there.

However, a majority of the best humidifiers for sinus allows you to just add the medicine direct in the water.

You just need to ensure that what you add to the water is soluble unless you want to clog your unit.

The filtering system

The best humidifier for nasal congestion must have a high quality filter.

If you suffer from sinus problems, dust, fur and pet dander and other indoor allergens are some of your biggest enemies.

This is why you should consider a humidifier with amazing filtering properties. Humidifiers with low quality filters allow dust and dander back into your air. This will make your sinus problems even worsen.

The best humidifier for sinus problems should be fitted with a good filtering system. This way, allergens and other airborne irritants will not be released back into the air, thus affecting your sinuses.

Humidifier durability

People with sinus problems should avoid breathing in dry air at all times. This means that they may be required to use a humidifier most of the time.

It also means that durability is a very important feature to look into when buying your humidifier. The longer your humidifier will serve you, the better.

I always say it is better to pay more money, get a very durable humidifier than pay less money, and get one that will barely last a year.

Thankfully, there are so many humidifiers for sinuses on You will be spoilt for choice, literary.

When determining how durable your unit can be, consider looking into two main things. First, consider its quality. Good quality is a good indicator that the unit will be durable. In this case, opt for a brand that is well known for manufacturing good quality humidifiers.

Secondly, consider the time period covered by the warranty. A humidifier that is backed by a decent warranty suggests that it is of good quality and it is durable. The longer the period covered by the warranty the better the product.

Other units may also come with incentives such as money back guarantees or parts replacements within a given time period. This can also be an indicator of great quality. It shows that the manufactures are confident about their products.

Ease of use and maintenance

The last thing you want to deal with when you have sinusitis is a humidifier that is difficult to operate and maintain.

Therefore, when looking for the best humidifier for sinus problems, look for a unit that is easy to use and maintain.

The last thing that you want in the best humidifier for sinus issues is a unit with complicated settings. Such a unit will not end up confusing or frustrating you to a point of opting not to use it.

For easier maintenance, look for a unit that is simple to clean. I am sure you do not want to be stuck with an appliance that takes forever to clean.

The parts should be easy to disassemble and put back together. The opening to the water reservoir should also be big enough to allow for easier cleaning of the tank.

Always clean your humidifier regularly because a dirty unit can harbor bacteria and other organisms that can aggravate your sinusitis. You know bacteria and germs love moist environments because that is where they thrive best.

The space it can humidify

One important feature to bear in mind when shopping for the best humidifier for sinus problems is the coverage area.

This is because different units come with different coverage areas. Some are made for smaller areas and others for larger spaces coverage. If you buy a humidifier with a small coverage area it won’t deliver well if you have larger spaces.

Luckily, manufactures of the best humidifier for sinus include this information on their units. Therefore, it is easier to know how efficient a certain model will be in your space.

It is also good to know that the larger the humidifier the bigger the coverage area and vice versa.

Humidifier Settings

When shopping for your humidifier, consider settling for a unit that has as many handy settings as possible.

There are several such features that you should look out for in a humidifier. First, look for a unit with a timer setting. This feature enables you to run your unit for a specific amount of time before it shuts down.

Auto-shutoff feature

Second, consider a humidifier that has a safety auto shutoff feature. This feature enables the unit to automatically shutoff itself when its reservoir runs out of water.

This setting is very handy because it prevents the humidifier from short circuiting or overheating, which can be very dangerous.

A humidistat

In addition, look for a unit that is equipped with a humidistat that allows you to enjoy different humidity levels.

The humidistat allows you to preset your preferred humidity levels. Once the desired moisture content is achieved, the humidifier shuts itself off. This is important for preventing the humidity level from rising to ridiculous levels.

This setting is very important for a person looking for the best humidifier for sinus issues. People with sinusitis can be very sensitive. Thus, they would require a unit that allows them to set different levels of moisture.

The wide range mist options enable them to set their humidifier to a level that they are most comfortable with.

Humidifier noise level

The level of noise that a humidifier produces is a vital consideration when selecting your unit.

A humidifier unit that hums too loudly can be annoying especially if it placed inside bedrooms.

Therefore, pay closer attention to this feature and consider a model whose motor runs quietly. If you do not, then know you risk staying awake or having to yell (J, not actually, but close) to converse with someone.

Simply said, it is not the best humidifier for sinus if it is noisy. Usually, fan humidifiers are big noise culprits. Ultrasonic ones are quieter. A humidifier like LeVoit Cool Mist that you can buy on Amazon has fairly accommodative noise levels.

Capacity of the reservoir

The maximum amount of water a humidifier’s reservoir can hold is an important consideration when buying your unit.

Smaller humidifiers have smaller water tanks and vice versa. The lower the water capacity the tank can hold the less mist the unit will produce.

A smaller tank also means that you will be refilling your unit every now and then. On the other hand, a humidifier with a bigger tank produces more mist.

You will not be required to refill it as frequently.

Cool mist vs. warm mist humidifiers for sinuses

There are two major types of humidifiers; cool mist humidifiers and warm mist humidifiers. Cool mist humidifiers produce cool vapor hence moisturizing your air.

Warm mist humidifiers on the other hand boil water hence releasing warm mist to the air. The temperature of the mist released by the latter is usually higher than that of the room.

Buying a warm mist or cool mist humidifier is one’s personal preference depending on what makes you more comfortable.

However, putting into consideration your areas climatic condition is advisable. For example, if you live in regions with hot climates, a cool mist humidifier would be more ideal for you.

On the other hand, a warm mist unit is more ideal in regions that have colder climates.

Humidifier style

People with sinus problems will need a humidifier most of the time. This means that your unit will always claim a certain space in your room.

Therefore, style becomes an important consideration when choosing the best small humidifier for sinus problems.

First, you would want a unit that fits perfectly in your space. Second, you would want a model whose style blends well with your room’s aesthetics.

Therefore, take your time to look for a unit that matches with your taste and with the theme of your room.

Some of the best small humidifiers for sinus problems are tabletop types. Others are wall mounted. There are small and big ones to suit your needs, and budget too.

Rather than the traditional and boxy varieties made decades ago, today’s humidifiers are stylish and sleek.

Humidifier price

The most important that you would want to consider when buying your humidifier is cost. As you will notice, different humidifier models in the market come with different price tags.

A number of things contribute to the differences in cost in price. One of these things is the size of the model.

A big humidifier designed for larger rooms will obviously cost more than a mini unit designed for smaller rooms.

In addition, a humidifier that is fitted with more features will be pricier than one with just a few of them.

The amount of cash you would want to spend on a humidifier will mostly be influenced by your budget. However, spending more on your unit can give you an appliance that will serve you for long with minimal issues.

Very cheap units can demand a lot of maintenance, which will be more costly in the long run.

For highly, moderately or lowly priced best humidifier for sinus, just head over to for all types of humidifiers.


So, Do humidifiers help with sinus problems?

After reading the above guidelines, you can now be able to choose the best humidifier for sinus problems.

A spray of warm moist air can help reduce the sinus swelling, leaving you feeling comfortable as you wait to heal. If you buy keenly, you can get a humidifier that will last a long time.

Remember, the best humidifier for sinus can also be used by people who do not have sinus problems.

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