Frigidaire 70-pint Dehumidifier: Best Dehumidifier Review

What is the best-rated dehumidifier for basements? In this Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier review, you will see that it ranks first on the list of the best portable dehumidifiers for wet rooms

This is for a good reason, too. When summer sets in and the humidity rises, it is time to switch off the humidifier and switch on the dehumidifier. Such is life. There is a season for everything.

Well, to some people, a 70-pint capacity is overkill. However, if you have a wet bathroom or basement, and do not have a built-in dehumidifier, you could have runaway humidity. This is followed by mold, which causes sickness symptoms.

A 50-pint dehumidifier such as Frigidaire 50-Pint FAD504DWD High Efficiency Dehumidifier can work. But it is always good to go for more than you think you need. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

However, you do not want to buy a dehumidifier, especially one that is going to cost you a substantial amount of money, such as this one.

You want to know everything about it, especially its features. Keep reading, you will see everything about it in this short review post.

Frigidaire 70 Pints dehumidifier Features & Technical Details

Frigidaire 70 Pints dehumidifier Features

Unless you want to pop into the stores every year and buy a dehumidifier, you want to consider the features carefully.

Here they are:

Design and build quality

This is a well-built dehumidifier. It has several admirable features. Since it is a portable dehumidifier, it should be able to bear the abuse of moving it from place to place.

This is why they included the brace to hold the condensate collection bucket into place.

Considering that a dehumidifier of this size can have its bucket holding more than 10 pints of water, well, a brace installed at the top of the tank keeps everything in place nicely.

High quality material

The materials used in the construction of this appliance are of high quality. The plastic water tank is not going to rip apart even if you drop it.

Since a portable dehumidifier for basement or any other room is handled a lot, you need these parts to be quite strong.

Even the control panel is very good. It is designed to last as long as the rest of the appliance.

Size and weight

The size of this 70-pint dehumidifier is 24.65 by 11.32 by 16.08 inches. This is big, but not so big that a single person cannot carry it on their own.

It weighs a manageable 45.4 pounds only. Therefore, carrying it into and out of your basement should not give you too much trouble.


Why is color so important when choosing the best dehumidifier? Well, you may have noticed that these appliances mostly come in neutral colors such as white, gray, black, dark grayish and so on.

The reason for this is that neutrally colored appliances match well with almost any interior decor.

The Frigidaire 70-pint high efficiency dehumidifier comes in white. Wherever you set it in your room, it will not look out of place.

Hose pipe outlet

Let’s say that your basement has been flooded, and you want to dehumidify it completely. You will find that you have to empty the bucket too many times.

On top of that, the dehumidifier will not work or even switch on when the bucket is full. To prevent this, you can just attach a hose pipe onto the provided outlet to drain the water as it comes in.

This is going to save you many trips to empty the bucket. If the dehumidifier does not come with the hose pipe, you can order one separately.

How Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier Works

How Frigidaire 70 Pints Dehumidifier Works

First, this dehumidifier is very reliable. It has been rated at 1400 ft²/130.1 m2). This is big, and anyway, most basements, attics, and even the biggest living rooms are smaller than this.

This dehumidifier is a real workhorse that will do an excellent job wherever you put it.

A dehumidifier works in a very simple way. First, it has a fan. The work of this fan is to suck in the wet air into the dehumidifier.

It then sucks the water out of the air. Therefore, by the time it releases the air back into the room, it will be dry and moisture-free.

In any Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier review, you will see that it comes with two fan speeds. It can work at a faster pace than a dehumidifier can at one speed.

It can also work slower if that is what you want. The speed choice will help you control your level of comfort.

The fans help to suck in the moist air through a grill. The damp air then passes over the coolant pipes, liquefying and eventually dripping into the collection tank.

But that is not all, because the dehumidifier also has a mesh filter that filters the air before it is released back into your room.

You can be sure that the dehumidified air coming from your Frigidaire dehumidifier is free of allergens, bacteria, fungi, and other nasty contaminants.

This filter is also washable, so you can use it for a long time.

Auto shut-off and alert when tank is full

After working hard to dehumidify your air, the Frigidaire tank could be full of water before you get home. Now, it has been fitted with a float that turns the auto-shut off.

The dehumidifier turns itself off. When you empty the tank, it can go back to sucking more moisture from the air.

When the tank is full, you will get an alert regarding the same. That way, you can pull out the tank and empty it.

This is a 16-pint tank, which is a lot of water. There are splash guards that prevent any spills from splashing onto your floor.

Set humidity level, engage to Effortless Continuous Drain mode

In the control panel, you can set the ideal humidity level that you want in your home. Usually, this should be between 30 and 50%.

When the ideal humidity is reached, the dehumidifier shuts itself down to prevent it from sucking all the moisture from the air.

If you do not want to keep emptying the tank, especially if you live in a really humid or wet place, you can set the dehumidifier to Effortless Continuous Drain mode.

You have to attach a garden hose, such as the Flexzilla Garden Hose so that it drains the water as you go on about other businesses. Remember, the garden hose is not included, so you have to buy it separately.


  • Keeps your indoor humidity at the ideal levels
  • Filters bacteria, fungi, germs and other allergens from your air
  • Plug-n-play mode – no assemblage needed
  • Comes with a long power cord of 6 feet
  • Low noise level
  • It has a carry handle
  • The dehumidifier has an indicator for water level to keep you aware
  • It has a full bucket alert as well as auto shut-off



  • You have to buy the Frigidaire warranty if you would like your dehumidifier covered
  • Several complaints of failed compressors


Who Should Buy the Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier?

Anyone who has a large space that they want to dehumidify or anyone who lives in a really wet place can get this dehumidifier.

It does an excellent job of sucking up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day. Therefore, if you have an attic or basement that is always damp, get the Frigidaire humidifier.

See the video below. It shows you the main features of this dehumidifier very well:

Conclusion and Recommendation

You have seen what the Frigidaire 70-pint-a-day dehumidifier can do for your home. For yours to run efficiently, we recommend the following things:

  • Buy a garden hose and set the dehumidifier to continuous drain mode
  • Please get the warranty too. It is important and can save you a lot of headache in future
  • Read the user manual keenly to understand how this appliance works
  • Be sure to ask someone who knows what humidity level you should set

Thanks for reading this Frigidaire dehumidifier review. Enjoy the dry warm air the dehumidifier blows into your room.