Frigidaire Dehumidifier Instructions Manual for First Timers

In this post on Frigidaire dehumidifier instructions, you will learn how to set up, clean, and troubleshoot your unit.

A dehumidifier lowers the humidity in a room. This helps to prevent the formation of mold colonies. Remember, contact with this indoor allergen can cause mold toxicity warning signs in babies, adults, and pets.

Frigidaire is one of the top dehumidifier brands in the world, and they do have something for everyone. Alongside the 70-Pint Frigidaire dehumidifier review we did in the past, there is also the 35-pint one, the 50-pint, and many others.

As we have seen in the post on Pure Enrichment humidifier instructions, buying the best unit is just the beginning. Knowing how to use it fully is the only way you can get the most value for your money.

So, how are you going to get the best out of your dehumidifier? Read the tips outlined in this post.

Read the Frigidaire Dehumidifier Manual

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Manual

The first thing is to read the Frigidaire dehumidifier manual that came with your unit. If you do not have a hard copy, you will need to download it from the official website.

You can also go to the Manualslib website, which is the go-to website for different appliance owner manuals and user instructions.

Before you even unpack the dehumidifier from its box, read the user manual. Check that everything is in the box.

If something is missing, you should notify the seller immediately.

Even if you do not get it from the website we have linked to, you can still get it from other websites, where you can download it free of charge.

How to set up Frigidaire dehumidifier

This is where everything starts. It also means you need to understand the settings on your unit. While they may vary from one model to another, generally, there are some common things to expect:

Unpacking and assemblage

The dehumidifier will come fully assembled. However, if it has a drain hose, the hose will not be attached, but it and its accessories will be included.

When you plug it in, the dehumidifier mode will be on “auto” or “continuous.” It will also be on high fan speed mode

For the first four days, leave the dehumidifier running in high and continuous mode, or until the humidity level is displayed on the panel.

Once the humidity level appears on the display, you can select the humidity level you want in your house.

This can be between 30 and 50%. There are up-and-down selector arrows on the display. The humidity selection is in increments of 5%

To get back to continuous mode, you have to press the down indicator until the letters CO appear on the display.

There is much more to help you set up the unit. Here is a video that demonstrates the process very well:

Frigidaire dehumidifier timer instructions

Most Frigidaire dehumidifiers come with a timer. You can use the timer to Delay Start (the unit must be turned off). Also, set it to Delay Stop (the unit must be turned on). Set the timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Press the up or down arrow until the display shows your desired time. It will start the countdown immediately, and it will either start or stop at the time you have chosen.

If you need to set the timer again, you will need to reset the dehumidifier again. But in some models, there is a way to lock in a setting by pressing and holding the up and down arrows simultaneously for about 3 seconds.

To delay the stopping time, you should set it when the unit is on. If you delay the stopping time by 8 hours, it means the unit is going to run for 8 hours and then stop automatically.

If the dehumidifier bucket fills up before the expiration of the 8 hours, it will still stop automatically.

You have to empty the bucket so that it can start working again. Luckily, you can read our article on how to clean the Frigidaire dehumidifier bucket before you can return it.

Frequent cleaning of the bucket can prevent mold from developing in the bucket and causing mold exposure symptoms.

If you are using the dehumidifier for mould in the basement, you want to keep it running for a long time. To do this, you will need to use a drain hose to continuously remove the water. Follow the instructions for drain hose usage.

You could also get or connect a Frigidaire dehumidifier with a pump to drain water vertically over long distances. You will need a garden hose for that.

How do I reset my Frigidaire dehumidifier?

How do I reset my Frigidaire Dehumidifier

In the article on Vicks warm mist humidifier red light, we said to reset the humidifier, just unplug it for a few hours and then plug it back in.

It is more or less the same thing for a dehumidifier. Unplug it for a short time, say, 30 seconds, before plugging it back in again.

Some sources say to unplug the dehumidifier for 10 minutes, some say shorter, and some say longer than that. The important thing is to unplug the unit from the socket and let it stand for some time.

You can then check the control panel to see whether the proper settings are back. These can be the former session settings, or they can be the factory settings (auto and continuous mode).

Dehumidifiers do not come with a reset button that you can press to reset to factory settings. That’s why you need to unplug the unit and then plug it back in again to reset it.

The dehumidifier filter reset light

This type of light comes on when the filters are dirty and are due for change. It is going to make it simple to keep your dehumidifier in perfect working condition all the time.

How to clean Frigidaire dehumidifier filter

Dehumidifier filters are washable, so you can clean yours a couple of times a week. After cleaning the filters, press the filter reset button, and the light will go off.

To remove the filter, you have to remove the bucket. You can then remove the filter by pulling it down. Wash the filter under cold, running water. Air-dry it and then re-install it.

While a dehumidifier cannot remove mold spores, it can trap them and bacteria on the filter. So at the very least, clean the filter once every two weeks.

How to change the dehumidifier filter

Usually, dehumidifier filters are designed to be changed after 250 hours. This is a long time, so you can easily forget about it.

The Change Filter light comes on when they are due for a change. After changing the filters, the light will go off soon after.

Please make sure you get the right replacement filters from the manufacturer or from online marketplaces such as

The directions to change the filter are well laid out in the Frigidaire dehumidifier manual.

Frigidaire dehumidifier troubleshooting

Frigidaire dehumidifier troubleshooting

Many things that could go wrong with your dehumidifier. For instance, we have had instances of dehumidifiers blowing cold air, and it should not do that.

In the past, we have also looked at the issue of Frigidaire dehumidifiers blowing too hot air. While it should blow warm air, if it is too hot, well, it is really not good.

Apart from a dehumidifier that blows hot air, what else can go wrong with your Frigidaire unit? Here are a few things:

1. The dehumidifier does not run

Some of the main causes include the improper installation of the dehumidifier bucket, a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse in the house, or the dehumidifier is being plugged in properly.

If the air in the house is dry, the dehumidifier will stop running. You might want to check the hygrometer to see the humidity level.

The dehumidifier is not switched on. You have to switch it on even if it is plugged in.

You might also want to check whether the bucket is full. The unit stops running as soon as the bucket is full.

2. There is frost on the coils

In another article on how to clean dehumidifier coils, we saw that coils could form frost. If the frost does not disappear after one hour of running it, the indoor temperature is very low.

Dehumidifiers might heat up a room, but that does not mean they work well in cold rooms. Check that the temperature in the room is not lower than 41°F/5°C.

3. The dehumidifier runs but it is not lowering humidity

If a dehumidifier keeps shutting off after a few minutes, something is wrong with it. However, if it runs well but does not lower the humidity, you need to check the settings.

If the humidity level is set too high, the unit is going to run, but it will not lower the humidity. It could also mean that you have not placed the unit in the right position.

Remember, when considering placing the dehumidifier on the floor or up high, keep it in a place that has proper airflow.

This is the same thing we said in the article on where to place a humidifier in the bedroom. If the grille of the unit is blocked, there will not be enough air intake.

Also, check whether the temperature is too low. There is a relationship between humidity and temperature. If the temperature is too low, the unit will run but will not lower the level of humidity.

The dehumidifier keeps on running

The most probable cause of the dehumidifier overworking is too much airflow in the room. Close the windows to limit the quantity of humid air coming in from outside.

The airflow to the dehumidifier might be blocked, so you need to check it. If the grille is blocked, this could cause the unit to keep running continuously.

If you are using a small dehumidifier in a very large space, it will take too long to lower the humidity. It can seem to run forever.

Adhering to the space rating of a dehumidifier is very important. If the unit runs too much, there might be the smell of burning plastic.

How to set Frigidaire continuous drainage hose

How to set Frigidaire continuous drainage hose

The big Frigidaire dehumidifiers come with a drainage hose for continuous drainage. This is very good when you want to use a dehumidifier to dry a damp room.

To set the drainage hose, place the unit on the kitchen counter, a convenient distance that the drain hose can cover. You will drain the water there.

Remove the dehumidifier bucket.

On the left side, there is a flap. Lift it and you will see an opening where you can attach the threaded end of the hose that came with the package.

After securing the drainage hose to the threaded part of the tray, direct the hose towards the sink for drainage.

Straighten the hose so there are no kinks that can prevent the proper flow of water. Re-install the bucket, plug the unit into the socket, and then switch it on.

Frigidaire dehumidifier cleaning instructions

To clean the dehumidifier filters, remove the bucket, pull the filter down, and wash it in clean running water.

Clean the dehumidifier bucket with water and soap, and then rinse it thoroughly. Remember, you can use the dehumidifier water to water your plants, so you want to keep it as clean as possible.

Make sure the grille holes are not blocked by cleaning them with the brush that came in the package. Use a damp cloth to dust the dehumidifier cabinet thoroughly.


These are general Frigidaire dehumidifier instructions, but you will find that they apply to many models under this brand name.

If you follow them, your unit can last a long time while working appropriately. Lowering humidity prevents allergens such as dust mites. Remember, long exposure to mold can cause mold exposure symptoms in babies, pets, and all people.

To keep your unit working perfectly, keep it clean. This means keeping the bucket, the filter, and the dehumidifier grille clean all the time.