Danby Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water? 8 Checks & Fixes

Danby dehumidifier not collecting water

Why Is Danby Dehumidifier Not Working Correctly? Is your Danby dehumidifier not collecting water? Well, it happens, and not only with this brand name, but with many others. Usually, a dehumidifier will fail to collect water if the circuit board is burned, the capacitor has failed, the dehumidifier Freon gas in the compressor has leaked … Read more

Shark Air Purifier Keeps Turning Off: 5 Checks & Fixes

shark air purifier keeps turning off

Why Does My (Shark) Air Purifier Turn Itself Off? 5 Simple Checks If your Shark air purifier keeps turning off, definitely, something could be amiss. However, as it turns out, there is no need to worry, because some of the causes are easy to troubleshoot, and fix. In the past, I have looked at the … Read more

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Not Collecting Water: Causes & Fixes

Frigidaire dehumidifier not collecting water

Reasons Why The Frigidaire Dehumidifier Is Not Pulling Water You might be wondering why your Frigidaire dehumidifier is not collecting water, yet it is running. This means there is no water in the bucket. And if you have the same dehumidifier connected with drain hose, well, there is no water coming out of the hose. … Read more

Are Vicks Humidifiers Safe For Cats?

are vicks humidifiers safe for cats

Is It Safe To Use Vicks Humidifiers Around Cats? When choosing a humidifier, dehumidifier or any other appliance, you should always find out whether it will be safe for your pets. And that is why today, as the owner of a beautiful feline, as you can see in one picture in this post, we ask: … Read more

Can An Air Purifier Cause A Sore Throat?

can air purifier cause sore throat

The Hidden Truth about Air purifiers Causing Illness Symptoms An air purifier is a very good investment for people who live in places with polluted air. But first, there are truths about these appliances that the manufacturers do not disclose loudly enough. So today, we ask: Can an air purifier cause a sore throat? IF … Read more