Why Is My HoMedics Humidifier Not Working? Troubleshooting & The Simplest Fixes

Has your HoMedics humidifier failed to produce mist? This is cause for worry, but it happens from time to time.

So, why does a humidifier fail to work correctly? Usually, this means there is water in the circuitry, lack of water in the tank, or leaving it dirty for a long time such that it has mineral scale on the tank walls. Other causes included low or no power, damaged parts, and manufacturing defects.

Since 1987, the Detroit-based HoMedics offers users home health innovations for comfort.

In their stable, you will find dehumidifiers and humidifiers, as well as air purifiers to name but just a few of their appliances.

They have incredible humidifiers such as the HoMedics TotalComfort Plus Ultrasonic Air Humidifier that you can buy on Amazon.com 

However, like the Pure Enrichment humidifier failing to work, as we wrote earlier, even HoMedics humidifiers do develop problems from time to time.

Sometimes, your humidifier fails to work after cleaning. So you see, you cannot just write off the unit because it has failed to work.

Keep reading to see the most common problems a Homedics humidifier might develop:

Homedics humidifier failing: The 5 Common issues

Homedics humidifier not working

If your HoMedics cool mister is not working correctly, you will experience dry air in the house.

The most common problems of your unit failing are as follows:

  • It fails to work out of the box while it is still new
  • Works for a bit and then it stops
  • It runs and refuses to make mist
  • HoMedics humidifier shows red light
  • The humidifier stops working after cleaning it

1. HoMedics humidifier red light: 2 causes

The light on your HoMedics humidifier unit should be green, if it is working correctly. If it shows red and is not working, try the following things:

There is no water in the tank

Check the tank. If it is empty, the light will illuminate in red. If you refill it with water to the right level, the light will turn green.

The humidifier is dirty

There is a second light on the HoMedics humidifier. This light shows you the cleanliness status of the unit.

If it is dirty, the light will illuminate red. The unit will continue running, but it could be pumping mist contaminated with mold and bacteria.

If this is the case, you will need to follow the full process of cleaning a humidifier. Use the recommended products to kill bacteria and mold.

If you have been using demineralization cartridges to remove minerals from the water in the tank, please remember to clean them too, or replace them altogether.

2. It stops working after cleaning

Homedics humidifier stops working after cleaning

When you clean a mister, you will have to take it apart, remove the tank, the base, the plastic covers and so on.

This means you might disrupt something, or reassemble it incorrectly. This might cause the unit to fail working as expected.

Check the following things if the unit stops working after cleaning:

3. Water has leaked into the circuitry

If the humidifier tank is full of water, some of the water could have gotten into the circuitry.

This is easy to fix, but it will take some time. You should try the following things:

  • Pour the water out of the tank
  • Place the humidifier upside-down to drain all water out of the base
  • Leave it that way for several hours
  • Disassemble the unit  – use a screwdriver
  • Wipe the circuitry with a paper towels, dabbing it so the paper towels absorb the water
  • Air-dry it for several hours or overnight and then put it back together

4. You forgot the plastic packaging on the pump

If the humidifier is new, find out whether you removed the Styrofoam or plastic packaging around the pump. If you don’t remove it, the unit is not going to work correctly.

To correct this, just drain the tank and remove the Styrofoam packaging on the pump. Fill the tank with water and run it again.

HoMedics cool mist ultrasonic humidifier troubleshooting guide: 7 Tips

Homedics cool mist ultrasonic humidifier troubleshooting

Humidifiers face many issues. If you have one at home, you should learn how to troubleshoot it. To help you, HoMedics has put together a comprehensive support book for all of their products. You can download it.

Luckily, the operation of a humidifier is not rocket science. If we are dealing with the first instance of humidifier just not working right out of the box, do the following:

i) Read the HoMedics humidifier user manual

The HoMedics brand name has many air purifiers, dehumidifiers, diffusers and humidifiers in its stable.

When the unit is delivered, check that it has a user manual. If it does not come with a hard copy one, you can get it from their website or other online sources.

You will also find cautions and warnings that you should not overlook. There are clear instructions for setting the unit up, for cleaning and for storage.

This user manual also comes with troubleshooting tips. For instance, if the humidifier is running, is not increasing humidity and is not making mist, you should check whether the tank is attached properly.

Sometimes, you might notice that the unit is not producing mist. Check the water level, and pour the excess out.

They even have tips for transporting the humidifier, making sure it does not spill water in transit.

What we are trying to emphasize here is the need to read the humidifier user manual. Some things such as opening it up and trying to fix things can nullify the warranty.

When you read the user manual, you can retrace your steps to find out whether you missed a step. If everything seems right with the setup, continue reading to the next step.

ii) Is it plugged in correctly?

Find out whether the humidifier fully plugged into the socket. This is a common occurrence by the way. If not fully pushed in, the plug will not work.

You can also check whether a switch in the circuit breaker has tripped. If yes, just raise it back up and find out whether the humidifier works okay.

Sometimes, when you run appliances, some switches may flip off automatically. So check that out.

iii) Does it sit on a flat surface

Modern humidifiers have many safety features. One of them is that anti-tip function which ensures that the humidifier stays upright all the time.

However, a humidifier with this feature might not work if it is not flat on the table.

If you have done everything and the humidifier still will not turn on, check whether it sits level on the table or floor. Also remember, it is better to place it high rather than on the floor for maximum efficiency.

Another thing that you might want to check is whether the humidifier has child protection functions.

If such a function is turned on, it might refuse to turn on until you switch the function off.

iv) There is white dust after running the unit

If you use hard water or even tap water in your ultrasonic cool mist unit, the humidifier will leave white dust on surfaces.

If this happens, just clean the unit and then use distilled water only. You can also use a demineralization cartridge in the unit. This is going to prevent the formation of white dust.

While other humidifier types don’t cause white dust, it’s better to use the recommended water type since they can still disperse mineral traces in the mist.

Besides, the humidifier filter will be doing too much work and will need replacement sooner.

v) The base leaks water

Many things can cause water to spill in the area immediately surrounding the humidifier. However, the most common ones are:

  • Placing the unit on a slanted surface – unplug it and place it on a level surface
  • The humidity level is set very high – set it lower
  • The mist is falling on a surface, condensing and rolling down – Just keep the unit a good distance from walls and furniture

vi) The mist has a foul odor

If the mist has a bad smell, it means the unit is dirty. Bacteria, minerals and mold in the humidifier cause foul odors.

Do not add anything apart from water into the unit. If you put essential oils in the tank, it could also alter the smell of the mist.

Vii) It is producing too little mist

If the water in the humidifier is too cold, the HoMedics ultrasonic cool mist might produce a low amount of mist. It is a cool mist, rather than a cold water humidifier.

If the ultrasonic disc is dirty, the humidifier will also produce low mist. It can also fail to produce any altogether.

Why Your HoMedics Humidifier Does Not Produce Mist

Homedics Humidifier Does Not Produce Mist

Sometimes, the humidifier will turn on okay. But it might not produce mist. When people complain of ultrasonic humidifiers not working, mostly, this is what they mean.

Here is how to fix the problem of HoMedics humidifier no mist:

The humidistat is not adjusted properly

Have you cleaned the humidifier and then it failed to produce mist but it seems to be running okay?

The culprit could be the humidistat. It has not yet adjusted to the humidity in the room, so it is not sending the dry air signal to the control board.

After cleaning the unit thoroughly, give it enough time for the humidistat to adjust to the humidity in the room. A few hours should be fine.

The tank doesn’t have enough water

When a humidifier is not working, always start with the basic checks. For instance, start by checking whether the appliance has water.

If it has a little amount of water, top it up and check whether it will start producing mist.

The humidifier is not on level surface

If a humidifier is not on a level surface, some models might refuse to create mist. This safety feature protects the appliance from tipping over.

Therefore, once again, check whether it is level on a flat position. Check whether the humidifier is connected to electricity.

The tank is not fitted properly

If the humidifier tank is not installed properly, the humidifier might not produce mist.

Remember, you have to detach the tank from the humidifier to fill it with water and then reattach it.

If the tank sits sideways even by a small margin, it is not going to produce mist. You might feel air coming out, but it will not be misty.

The power is not enough

If there is not enough power in the socket, the unit will not make mist. It might even fail to run. Check the amp rating of the appliance given by the manufacturer and plug it into the appropriate socket. .

You can test the socket where you have plugged in the appliance with another appliance. If it works, the humidifier could be the problem.

The unit is too old

Sometimes, an old humidifier might just start failing of its own volition. If it has lasted several years, it might be time to buy a new one.

You can take the humidifier to a repair shop. Most likely, if it is too old, it will not be under warranty.

If it is not too old, you can check whether it is under warranty. Call the seller to direct you to their approved repair shop.

Portable humidifiers last 3 to 5 years. If you are fortunate, yours will last 7 years. If you have been using it that long, it is time to let go.

The spout could be clogged

When a humidifier turns water into mist by boiling it or using ultrasonic vibrations, the mist gets out through a small spray outlet.

If you use tap water in the humidifier, it will have high mineral content. A mineral layer could block the outlet and no mist will get out.

The same thing would happen if the unit is dirty. If you have hard water in your taps, clean your humidifier as often as possible.

You can read our article here on how to clean a humidifier. There will be no debris blocking the spray hole.

If you do not clean a humidifier, it will pass whatever contaminants might be in the humidifier tank to the mist. If it has mist, you will start to experience signs of mold toxicity.

The ultrasonic disc is dirty

The ultrasonic disc can get dirty from time to time. That’s why your humidifier should come with the right brush for cleaning it.

If the disk is dirty, your humidifier will not produce mist. The disc is located in the center of the base. To clean it, you will need to detach the tank.

Clean it lightly with the provided brush and be careful not to scrape it. Usually, this gets the humidifier working again.

The humidifier ultrasonic disc wears out with time. You would need to replace it with a new one.

HoMedics Humidifier not Working FAQ

A lot rings in your mind when a humidifier or air purifier is not working correctly. Here are some questions and answers that might help you further:

How do you unclog a HoMedics humidifier?

Something we might have failed to mention is that clogging can make your humidifier to stop working!

We mean a clogged nozzle, which means no mist comes out!

To unclog it, just pour a water-vinegar solution in the tank. This means 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar.

Place the tank back on the humidifier and let it run. If you can leave it running when no one is in the house, that’s even better.

Inhaling white vinegar fumes can hurt your eyes, nostrils and airways. It is just best that you don’t do it.

Let the unit run for about 45 minutes, and then switch it off. Let it cool down and remove the tank.

Pour the remainder of the solution into the sink and then use a soft brush to clean any scale off the tank walls.

The nozzle will be unclogged, clean! It will pump out mist without any problem.

How long does HoMedics humidifier last?

If you mean how many years you can use the appliance, well, more than five years!

But if you mean how long it can release mist, this depends on a few things:

  • The mist output speed you’ve chosen
  • The size of the humidifier – bigger tanks hold more water so they last longer

This means you have to look at individual humidifiers. In this instance, we shall consider the HoMedics TotalComfort DeLuxe Ultrasonic Humidifier, which you can order from Amazon.com.

How long does HoMedics humidifier last

It has a 2-gallon tank, and on low mist setting, the company says it can run for 120 hours! But you really do not want to leave a unit running that long. Let’s say it can run for a continuous 12 hours without requiring a refill.

This humidifier has 5 mist control settings. Therefore, check your hygrometer to see the best mist output level to set.

If you are looking for a humidifier that can run overnight in winter, this is it!

How do you manually clean a HoMedics humidifier?

Cleaning a HoMedics cool mist humidifier is not hard at all. The more frequently you clean it, the less the time you will spend on the job.

Watch the video below to see how to clean the HoMedics TotalComfort humidifier:

How do I reset my Homedics humidifier?

Resetting a humidifier is very simple. If there is a red light that won’t just go away especially after cleaning the unit, you need to reset it. Of course, you will know it needs a reset if the tank has water and if the unit is clean.

To reset the Homedics humidifier, do the following simple things:

  • Unplug the humidifier for a few to several minutes and then plugging it back in again
  • If the above doesn’t work, after plugging it in, press and hold the reset button for a few seconds
  • If the cleaning light is flashing and the humidifier is not dirty, press and hold the button for about 5 seconds

The cleaning light illuminates in red, as does the low water level light. Thus, if the unit is clean, tank has water and it has a red light, it needs resetting.

Why won’t my Homedics humidifier turn on?

There are many reasons why a humidifier will simply not turn on. Always start with the simple checks. Here are the common reasons:

No power or not plugged in – There is no power or the cord is busted. If there is a plastic or burning smell from the cord, it could have burned. Also check that the humidifier is plugged in properly to the socket. Changing sockets might tell you whether the humidifier has another problem.

Empty tank – The humidifier tank has no water. Humidifiers shut down when the tank is empty. If that is the only problem, it should start as soon as you refill and attach the tank properly.

Misaligned tank – If the tank is not attached properly, the humidifier might not turn on. Even if it turn on, it might not produce mist if the tank is not attached properly.

Water in the circuitry – Did your humidifier stop working after cleaning it? Chances are that some water leaked into the circuitry. Unless it is dried out, the unit will not work.

Final thoughts

You have seen a few probable causes of the HoMedics humidifier failing to work properly.

Sometimes, it could be a manufacturing defect. In that case, you should just return it for a refund or replacement.

That is why it is important to buy your warm or cool mist humidifier from Amazon.com because they have a 30-day return policy.

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