Why Does My Honeywell Air Purifier Keep Shutting Off?

Some people complain that their Honeywell air purifier keeps shutting off.

Honeywell is one of the most popular air purifier and essential oil diffuser manufacturers in the market.

They also make high quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Thus, it is little wonder that many troubleshooting questions are related to Honeywell products.

In another article, we looked at why your Pure Enrichment humidifier is not working. We saw the most common causes of that and the best fixes.

In the same way, here, we will try to find out why Honeywell air purifier shuts off, and what is the best solution.

Something to note: This write-up can apply to any air purifier since most of them work on the same principle.

Also, it does not mean that there is something wrong with Honeywell air purifiers. You can check this brand name’s products on amazon.com and you will see just how popular they are.

Honeywell Air Purifier Troubleshooting

Image of honeywell air purifier user guide

When your air purifier refuses what it is supposed to do, knowing how to fix a Honeywell air purifier can help.

Do not toss into the trash bin just yet. Find out whether it is possible to revive it.

Your air purifier could have many problems. Here, we are going to look specifically at the issue of air purifiers shutting down all the time.

Honeywell air purifier not turning on

After the air purifier shuts off, does it turn back on? And then it shuts off again? Or does it simply refuse to turn on?

If you have any appliance plugged into a power outlet but it does not turn on, you could start by plugging it into another power outlet. This will let you know whether the power outlet is bad

If the air purifier still does not turn on in another outlet, plug in a different appliance. If it turns on, you need to check the power cord of your Honeywell air purifier.

It might have blown a fuse in the power cord, or the power cord could be worn out. In that case, you just need to replace the cord with another and you will be good to go.

If the air purifier is still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer or the supplier via phone or email.

You might also want to check whether the power outlet has the rating recommended for your air purifier. If it does not, find one that fits.

Honeywell air purifier shuts off when filters are clogged

Image of honeywell air purifier filters

When your air purifier is not working properly, it keeps shutting off. The main cause of this problem is clogged filters.

When the Honeywell air purifier keeps shutting off, you should access the filters and see their status.

If you live in a place that has clogged air, you will need to change the air purifier filters more often than a person who lives in a fairly clean area.

For an air purifier to work properly, it draws the polluted air through its filters. The pollutants are trapped in the filter while the clean air flows out, to be blown back into the room.

Thus, as a safety measure, the air purifier might shut down to prevent damage to its parts. When you change the filters, you will find that it starts working again.

The best thing to do here is to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding when to change the filters. In very polluted environments, you might have to change the filters once a week.

Honeywell air purifier shuts down when it overheats

To find out whether overheating can make the air purifier shut off, you should find out whether it works again all right after it has cooled down. If yes, you have to find out why it is overheating.

First, it could be that you are overworking the unit. In that case, check whether it is enough for your space.

If the air purifier gets too hot, it might go into safe mode, which is shutting off in this case, to protect its delicate components from damage.

If it is too small and there is a lot of stuff such as dust to clear from the air, it could be causing the overheating. Also check that the air purifier filters are not clogged.

Manufacturing Defects

Popular products are always counterfeited. Therefore, if you did not buy your product from the company, you could end up with a substandard air purifier while all the time thinking that you have the real one.

Image of air purifier stopped working

Some people have complained that after their humidifier shutting off after every 20 or 30 minutes of operation, they opened it up. They found the wiring to be so poor such that it posed a fire hazard.

In such cases, it is only during return (if still under warranty), that you find it is not a Honeywell product.

This does not mean that a Honeywell air purifier cannot start having issues. If you have followed the user manual, entered the correct settings, plugged it in correctly to the right outlet, has new filters and it still has issues, it could be having a manufacturing defect.

If it is under warranty, they can fix it free of charge or give you a replacement. But if the warranty is over, you can still call or email Honeywell so that they can direct you to the closest repair center.

The air purifier is too old

Have you thought about how many years you have had this air purifier? You might do Honeywell air purifier filter cleaning but still find that it keeps shutting off.

Perhaps it is time to give it a rest and buy another one. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can last between 3 and 5 years. If there is not large particulate matter in your air, it can last up to 5 years. If there is a lot of pollution, it can last less than 5 years.

Thus, when your Honeywell air purifier won’t turn on, check how long you have had it. If it has lasted three years or more, perhaps there is no need to repair it.

Are Honeywell air purifiers any good?

After reading this post on why your Honeywell air purifier not turning on and other problems, you might ask: are Honeywell air purifiers any good?

As a matter of fact, they are! They are so good such that in many instances, we consider Honeywell air purifier doctors choice.

They come with a true HEPA allergen remover filter, which captures up to 99.9 percent of all the common indoor allergens.

These devices are very effective. However, this does not mean that you should not consider the vital buying factors.

One of the chief considerations is the clean air delivery rate (CADR) of the unit. Higher is better!

If you need a high performance Honeywell air purifier, you can try one of the few in the table below:

Honeywell Air Purifier



Honeywell HPA200 HEPA Air Purifier

Three air cleaning levels or speeds, with Turbo being the fastest

High air change rate of 4.8 times an hour

Meets EPA energy efficiency guidelines

Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Air Purifier

Four air cleaning levels including turbo-clean

Has a high air exchange rate of 4.8 times an hour

It reduces VOCs and odors from your air

Honeywell InSight HPA5300

Has air quality indication mode

Can set it on auto cleaner mode so it turns on automatically when impurities increase

Can work with specialized air filters to capture odors and VOCs

Honeywell air purifier red light won’t go off

Sometimes, your Honeywell air purifier red light won’t go off. Mostly, the main reason why the read light on your air purifier will not go off is when the filters need replacing.

However, if you have changed the filters (the pre-filter and filter) and the light just won’t go off, you need to do some Honeywell air purifier troubleshooting.

Some people have no problem ignoring the lights. Well, if you have cleaned or replaced the filters, if you have cleaned the entire unit and it is working fine, you might ignore it.

However, if you cannot live with the blinking red lights, you might want to do something about it.

The first thing to do is to reset the air purifier. To do that, switch the unit off for a few seconds to one minute. Secondly, when powering the air purifier back again, press and hold the Function and Off-Timer buttons at the same time.

Hold the buttons in that position for some time until the Replace Filter light blinks for a few seconds. After the blinking, release the buttons.

If the red light goes off, you are good to go. You should power off the unit and power it on again to make sure that the reset has worked.

Honeywell Air Purifier Manual

Honeywell air purifier manual

Every Honeywell air purifier should come with its user manual. If it does not come with a hard copy one, you should download one easily from the official website.

Even if you have had other air purifiers, you should still look at the manual. This is because different models have different features.

Here are some things that a user manual for air purifier should show you:

  • How to set up the air purifier
  • How to clean the unit
  • How to change filters and pre-filters
  • How to transport and store the air purifier
  • How to set functions such as timer, fan speed, VOC function and others
  • Where and how to use the unit, for instance, avoiding exposure to rain and so on

It will also show you the different features of an air purifier. Basically, this user manual shows you how the manufacturer intended their item to be used.

It is vital to follow the instructions in the user manual to the letter. Check for important information such as when to change the pre-filter and the filter.

Also, in some air purifier models, the filters are not designed to be washable. Therefore, they require changing. The user manual will say when to change the filters. It is important not to exceed the given time.

Another thing that you should check in the Honeywell air purifier manual is the warranty. Most of the Honeywell humidifiers, air purifiers, dehumidifiers and diffusers come with 5-year limited warranty. Read the terms and conditions governing this warranty so that you do not void it.


Why does my Honeywell air purifier keep shutting off? This is hard to say, many things might cause this problem.

But to keep your unit in super working condition, find out how to do Honeywell air purifier filter cleaning or replacement.

If something needs fixing in the air purifier, you can follow this guide.