Best Humidifier That’s Easy to Clean with no Filter: Top 3 Units

Humidifier filters can be a bit of a hassle to clean. That’s why I prefer an easy-to-clean, no-filter humidifier.

Did you know that a humidifier keeps turning off when the filter is dirty?

But I am still cognizant of the fact that a humidifier with a HEPA filter is the holy grail for indoor air quality.

But having filters also means that you have to keep replacing them when they are due or cleaning them at least once a month.

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3 Best filterless humidifiers reviews

There are many filterless humidifiers on the market. It can be hard to choose the best one.

Here, we shall look at three of the top three filterless humidifier reviews. These are:

Everlasting Comfort Humidifier: Check Price

Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier: Check Price

Vicks Mini Humidifier, No Filter, Check Price

1. Everlasting Comfort: Best cool mist humidifier without a filter

Image of humidifier easy to clean no filter


Your search for the best humidifier with no filter stops with the Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist humidifier.

It comes packed with many features too, as you will see below:

It has an essential oil tray

In another article, we saw that sometimes you can use essential oil in a humidifier. If you love aromatherapy, this humidifier comes with an essential oil tray.

You can add a dash of lavender, vanilla, or your favorite fragrance to the essential oils tray and enjoy fresh, scented air.

Rated for 500 square feet

The space rating for this humidifier is 500 square feet. It is best that you do not use it in a space bigger than this to enhance its efficiency.

It has a 1.6-gallon water tank, so this can run for hours, pumping out cool mist into your indoor air. It can run up to 50 hours non-stop.

It is filterless

This is the whole point!

This humidifier does not have a filter, so you will not have to clean one. However, these units are notorious for breeding mold. Thus, know the symptoms of mold in the humidifier to look out for.

Remember, if you neglect to clean your unit, you could experience humidifier sickness symptoms

Being a filterless, easy-to-clean humidifier does not mean that you should not clean it. Follow the humidifier cleaning instructions all the time.

Low noise level: Sleep better and longer

This is a quiet unit. Its noise level is slightly less than 30 dB. Thus, even if you are using it in a baby nursery, your baby will sleep right through it. As a cool mist unit, it is safe!

This humidifier will help you attain a good humidity level for the bedroom. Ideally, this should be 30 to 50 percent.

Something to note: This is an ultrasonic humidifying unit. If you use mineral-laden water with it, it is going to produce white dust.

2. Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier

Image of best filterless humidifier CLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON.COM

Because of the popularity of the Pure Enrichment brand name, you will find one of their cool mist humidifiers with no filter in the list of the top products.

Here are the features of the Pure Enrichment MistAire filterless unit:

It has auto-shut-off for safety

This is a safety feature. If you have been asking whether you can run a humidifier without water, it will not run.

To prevent damage, this unit will just shut off automatically when the water runs out. It will also shut down automatically when you remove the tank.

It stops too, when the tank is detached accidentally or is not properly mounted.

Large tank with 3.8-liter capacity

With a water tank that is almost 4 liters in capacity, this humidifier will continue pumping mist into your space for up to 24 hours.

If you are having trouble sleeping through the night because of dry air, this unit will run through the night easily.

The mist level is adjustable

If the air is not too dry, you can adjust the mist output rate so that the unit pumps out a small amount of mist. Just follow the Pure Enrichment humidifier instructions to do this properly.

To raise the humidity quickly, just go for the highest output setting. It has two nozzles for pumping out the mist.

Easy to refill and clean

When you need to clean the tank, you will appreciate the large opening design. You can even put your hand into the tank and clean it out.

You can use vinegar to kill mold.

You can also use bleach, BUT NEVER TOGETHER WITH VINEGAR! Choose one.

There are no filters to clean, so you will save time when cleaning it.

As a top-fill unit, you can refill it so fast.

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3. Vicks humidifier with no filter

Image of vicks humidifier no filterCLICK TO BUY ON AMAZON.COM

Vicks is a well-known name when it comes to humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

It is best for large spaces. If winter makes your indoor air too dry, this unit is going to help you.

But first, see its features:

No replacement filters needed

This saves you money on the cost of maintenance because there are no filters to replace. Cleaning it is easier, again, because it is filterless!

Running a humidifier without a filter is easier and cheaper than running one with filters.

2-liter water tank: 20-hour run time

This is a small-capacity humidifier. However, it has its obvious benefits because it has a longer run time, and you do not need to refill the tank so often.

This unit comes with a 2-liter water tank. That is not a very large humidifier for the bedroom. But with a run time of up to 20 hours with heavy mist output, you can use it for a few days without refilling.

It is a quiet and safe unit

This no-filter cool mist humidifier is also super quiet. Even if you intend to use the humidifier in your baby’s room, they’ll sleep through the night without waking up.

As a filterless cool mist unit, it is safe to use around pets and kids. It uses ultrasonic technology, so it can leave white dust on your items. This mostly happens when you use tap water in the humidifier.

You can use VapoPads for fragrance

In addition to making this filter-free humidifier, Vicks also has VapoPads that come in a menthol fragrance.

They are designed for use with this unit. One pad can release the menthol fragrance for up to 8 hours.

Why have plain air in your house when you can have the sweet, de-congesting menthol aroma? Just don’t add perfume in the humidifier.

Easy to clean humidifier with no filter: FAQ

You have seen three of the top filterless humidifier reviews. But you might still need more clarification.

This section on frequently asked questions will shed more light:

Which type of humidifier requires the least cleaning?

Filterless cool mist humidifiers are easier to clean than those that come with filters. Also, units that have a large tank opening are easier to clean since you just need to put your hand in and clean it out comfortably.

Small mini atomization humidifiers also require minimal care and maintenance throughout their working life.

Why do humidifiers need filters?

Filters in humidifiers remove germs, bacteria, and impurities from the water before the water can be broken down into tiny droplets that form the mist that you inhale. However, they do not filter out viruses.

Humidifiers can also capture mold. Exposure to this allergen causes mold toxicity signs in children, pets, and adults.

Is there a humidifier that doesn’t need a filter?

There are many humidifiers without filters. They are easy to clean since there are no filters that need cleaning with white vinegar. Also, such units are cheaper to run because they do not require any replacement filters.

Do cool mist humidifiers have filters?

Not all cool mist humidifiers come with filters. Some, such as the Crane Drop cool mist unit come without filters. They do a great job of purifying the mist that you inhale.

Some cool mist units come with filters that remove impurities from the water that form the mist that you inhale.

Is distilled water good for humidifiers?

Distilled water is recommended for ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers. If you use tap water with minerals, it will definitely create white dust.

Remember, in another article on ultrasonic vs evaporative humidifiers, we said only ultrasonic units are notorious for causing white dust.

Do Levoit humidifiers have filters?

Levoit humidifiers come with filters. However, Vicks, Pure Enrichment, and Everlasting Comfort brands make cool mist humidifiers with no filter.

If you need a filterless unit, try the Everlasting Comfort 500 sq. ft. filterless humidifier.

Do I need a filter in my Vicks humidifier?

If you need a Vicks humidifier with a filter, it is available in the market. Likewise, if you need a Vicks unit without a filter, it is available. There are many filterless and filter models.

Can I clean my humidifier with dish soap?

Using mild dish soap is recommended for humidifiers. After cleaning, rinse it thoroughly so that there are no traces of the soap left on the tank walls.

Also, when cleaning the base, ensure there is no water getting into the circuitry. This is one of the reasons of humidifier not working after cleaning.

What happens if you don’t clean your humidifier?

Because of its constant contact with water, bacteria, fungi, and viruses will breed in the tank. They will be pumped out with the mist, and your family will inhale them.

If you see pink mold in the humidifier, it means you are inhaling it with the mist. Clean the tank thoroughly.

Remember, you can experience serious mold exposure symptoms in toddlers if you run a humidifier without cleaning it.

How do you keep a humidifier from getting dirty?

It is hard to keep the humidifier from getting dirty. Therefore, the best thing is to clean it often and use the best water.

Use distilled water all the time. It will not cause scale on the walls of the tank. Besides, with distilled water, you won’t need to use a demineralization cartridge in the humidifier.

Final Thoughts

After reading this post, you can now choose the best filter-free humidifier for your needs. You have also seen the frequently asked questions regarding the same.

On the same note, most battery-operated humidifiers don’t have filters. The good thing is that, whether you need a filter or a filterless humidifier, all are available on the market.

Our recommendation for you is the Everlasting Comfort Filterless Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom that you can buy on

It has a large tank of 6 liters, and it comes with an essential oil tray to give you some fragrance.