Does Rain Increase Indoor Humidity?

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Does rain increase indoor humidity? Yes … but hold that thought a bit. We will get deeper into this topic. In another article, we looked at the relationship between rain and humidity. We discussed quite a number of things. If you read it, you will see that it seems to rain when the humidity is … Read more

Air Changes per Hour Meaning for Air Purifier

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When you are buying an air purifier, you will come across the term Air changes per hour meaning the number of times the air in the room is exchanged with air from an air purifier, with filtered air. ACH means air changes per hour. There is no hidden meaning to it. When you switch on … Read more

Is Humidity Bad for Leather? Moderate RH Levels Only!

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Is humidity bad for leather? If you are asking this, you have some funky leather items in your closet. It could be a pair of stunning cowhide boots, or it could be a handbag, leather furniture or even a jacket. Since genuine leather items cost a substantial amount of money, it is vital to keep … Read more

Why Is There No Mist Coming Out Of My Humidifier? 7 Easy Checks

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Nothing could be as mind boggling as switching on your humidifier and it fails to produce mist. Power cord – check, water – check! So, why is there no mist coming out of my humidifier? Most humidifiers fail to produce mist when they are dirty. If the humidifier does not stand on a level surface, … Read more