Pure Enrichment Humidifier Not Working? 6 Vital Checks

Why is your Pure Enrichment humidifier not working? Clearly, this must be irking you. Therefore, you have to do something about it.

Luckily, an ultrasonic humidifier not working does not necessarily mean that you have to toss it into the trash bin and get a new one.

No sir!

How to fix Pure Enrichment humidifier that’s not working

You can first try to troubleshoot to see whether you can fix the issue. That way, you will save yourself a good amount of money.

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So, if you are asking: Why is my humidifier not working? This short resource is for you. Thankfully, humidifiers work on the same concept irrespective of the brand name.

Therefore, an ultrasonic humidifier operates the same across all brands. On that note, a person asking about Homedics humidifier not working can have the same problem as Honeywell humidifier not working.

Likewise, a warm mist or cool mist humidifier is the same across brands. Therefore, you can use this article to troubleshoot any humidifier and not just the Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier.

So, for Vicks humidifier not steaming, ultrasonic humidifier no mist, cool mist humidifier not misting and other problems, this short write-up might help you.

Humidifier Troubleshooting Tips

Just because you are experiencing ultrasonic humidifier not producing mist, you don’t need to go into worry mode just yet.

It is time to troubleshoot your appliance and see what could be causing the issue.

But first …

What does humidifier not working mean?

In the past, we have discussed various issues to do with humidifiers. For instance, we looked at the problem of white dust from humidifiers.

In addition, we have looked at the best position to place humidifier for the best, maximum effect and so on.

Now, here, we look at the problem of humidifier not working.

Just what does this mean?

Well, it could mean a few things. These are:

  • Humidifier not working right out of the box when you plug it in
  • Humidifier stops working after a few days, a few weeks or a few months
  • Humidifier has everything – electricity and water but produces no mist


Your humidifier not working: What to do!

Luckily, the operation of a humidifier is not rocket science. If we are dealing with the first instance of humidifier just not working right out of the box, do the following:

i) Read the humidifier user manual

It must come with one. For instance, you can read the Geniani Top Fill cool mist humidifiers manual if you have this Geniani model.

Even if you do not find the manual in the box, don’t fret. Check it out online on the manufacturer’s website.

When you read the user manual, you can retrace your steps to find out whether you missed a step. If everything seems right with the setup, continue reading to the next step.

ii) Check the electrical connection

Check whether you have plugged the plug of the humidifier fully into the socket. This is a common occurrence by the way. If not fully pushed in, the plug will not work.

Image of how to fix humidifier not working

You can also check whether a switch in the circuit breaker has tripped. If that is the case, raise it back up and find out whether the humidifier starts to work.

Sometimes, when you switch on an appliance, some switches may flip off automatically. So check that out.

iii) Check the safety features of the humidifier

Modern humidifiers come with many safety features. One of them is that anti-tip function which ensures that the humidifier stays upright all the time.

However, on the flip side, a humidifier with this feature might not work if it is not flat on the table. Therefore, if you have done everything and the humidifier still wont turn on, check whether it is level on the table or floor.

Another thing that you might want to check is whether the humidifier has child protection functions. If such a function is turned on, the humidifier will refuse to turn on until you switch the function off.

Humidifier Does Not Produce Mist

Sometimes, the humidifier will turn on just fine. However, it might not produce mist. When people complain of ultrasonic humidifier not working, mostly, this is what they mean.

If this is the case, there might be a few things to consider, which are as follows:

i) Does the humidifier have water?

When a humidifier is not working, always start with the basic checks. For instance, start by checking whether the appliance has water. If it has a little amount of water, top it up and check whether it will start producing mist.

ii) Check whether the humidifier is level

If a humidifier is not level, some models might refuse to create mist. This is a safety feature that protects the appliance from falling over.

Therefore, once again, check whether it is level on a flat position. At the same time, do check whether the humidifier is connected to electricity.

iii) Spray Outlet Might be blocked

When a humidifier turns water into mist either through boiling it or using ultrasonic vibrations, the mist gets out into the room through a small spray outlet.

However, when you use tap water in the humidifier, the mineral quantity in the water might be a bit high. Therefore, a mineral layer could end up blocking the outlet and no mist will get out.

The same thing would happen if the appliance is dirty. If you have hard water in your home, you could buy a demineralization cartridge. Also make a habit of cleaning your humidifier as often as possible.

You can read our article here on how to clean a humidifier. That way, there will be no debris blocking the spray hole.

If you do not clean a humidifier, it will pass whatever contaminants might be lurking in the humidifier tank to the mist. Therefore, you will also inhale the contaminants.

iv) Is the power enough?

Another reason why a humidifier might fail to produce mist is when there is not enough power. Therefore, you should check the amp rating of the appliance as given by the manufacturer. That way, you will know what socket to plug it into.

Image of Vicks humidifier not producing mist

You can test the socket where you have plugged in the appliance with another appliance. If it works, you will know that the humidifier could be the problem.

v) If the humidifier is too old

Sometimes, an old humidifier might just start failing of its own volition. Therefore, if it has lasted a few to several years, it might be time to buy a new one.

You can take the humidifier to a repair shop. Most likely, if it is too old, it will not be under warranty. However, if it is not too old, you can check whether it is under warranty and then call the seller to direct you to their approved repair shop.

vi) Check the heating elements of warm mist humidifier

A warm mist humidifier has heating elements that heat the water so that it can start producing mist. However, if you have hard water at home, the minerals might cake the heating elements so that they do not work correctly.

Because a warm mist humidifier produces mist by heating the water, the heating element fails if it is caked with minerals. There will be no mist. You have to clean the heating elements and remove the layer of minerals.

You can check the user manual for information about how to remove and clean the heating elements. If there is no information for such, you should email the manufacturer and ask how to remove them.

Wrapping Up

Why is my Pure Enrichment humidifier not working? You have seen a few probable causes. Sometimes, it could be a manufacturing defect. In that case, you should just return it for a refund or replacement.

That is why it is important to buy your warm or cool mist humidifier from Amazon.com because they have a 30-day return policy.

You can buy a working Pure Enrichment humidifier from amazon.com for your humidity needs at home, office or business.

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