Instructions for Using a Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

These Vicks warm mist humidifier instructions will show you how this unit works, how to clean it, the best placement for it, and so on.

Specifically, we shall be looking at the instructions for a Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier for Small and Medium Size Rooms that you can buy on

Your baby needs a humidifier to help them breathe properly. This can be a warm mist or cool mist humidifier.

It really does not matter because by the time the mist gets to your baby, it will be at almost the same temperature as the air in the room, so there is no danger of warm air hurting their airways.

Whether you want to use a Vicks humidifier without pads, or with them, you need to know how to use it correctly.

Warm-mist humidifiers are different from cool-mist ones. They boil water and release warm mist into the room.

They work quietly, so you can use your Vicks warm mist humidifier in the same room as a sleeping baby.

Vicks warm mist humidifier instructions

Vicks warm mist humidifier instructions

As we said in the article on Pure Enrichment humidifier instructions, the first thing is to read the user manual that the humidifier came with.

If you lost your user manual, you can check out the Vicks Humidifiers website. On the website, you will see a tab for products and humidifiers. You will also find a link to the Owners Manual and FAQ.

Among some of the things you need to know is find out:

  • How to use the humidifier
  • Where to place it
  • How to clean and/or disinfect it
  • How to troubleshoot a humidifier that is not working
  • How to store and transport the Vicks warm mist humidifier

Here are the simple instructions to follow to use your warm mist humidifier to increase the humidity level in your room. You do not want your baby or you to experience the symptoms of sleeping in a dry room.

Vicks warm mist humidifier parts

Vicks warm mist humidifier parts

A warm mist humidifier has a tank (transparent one so that you can see the water level). It also has a medicine cup at the top, a carry handle, a mist chimney, a water tank cap, and a water valve on the cap.

It also has a removable tray with its lift tab. The base has the heating chamber, the switch for power, the scent pad, and the night light.

This is a no filter easy to clean humidifier so it should be pretty simple to keep clean, but do make a habit of cleaning it regularly.

Finally, there is a power cord, with its wall plug. Don’t sweat about the parts too much though, because the unit comes assembled.

How to set up Vicks warm mist humidifier

Remove the humidifier from the box that it came with. Start by reading the user manual or the instructions you are reading here right now.

Remove from the box and straighten the power cord

Remove the wrappings and keep them in a safe place. You might need them later.

The power cord is coiled and secured with a twist tie. You will have to remove that and straighten it out. Note the length because it will determine the most appropriate place for the unit.

The humidifier has three main parts. There is the base unit, which contains a night light, heating chamber, and scent pad.

There is the tank and the mist chimney. While it comes assembled, make sure everything is fitted tightly. Check that the blue latch is well in place.

Where to place the humidifier

If you place a humidifier too close to the wall, the mist will hit the wall, condense, and drip to the floor.

It is also going to encourage the growth of mold, which will in turn cause mold toxicity warning signs among your family members.

Do you place a humidifier or dehumidifier on the floor or high up? The best place is at least 2 feet from the ground and at least 12 inches from the walls or furniture.

If you place the humidifier on a small table or desk, first, place a waterproof wrapping on the surface.

Humidifiers make everything wet if there is a spill and you don’t want that to happen. Besides, no matter how careful you are, there will always be spills.

If you are using the humidifier in baby’s room, make sure it is on a firm stand, beyond their reach if possible. Warm mist humidifiers pose the risk of scalding because they boil water.

How to fill Vicks warm mist humidifier

How to fill Vicks warm mist humidifier

To get the humidifier to produce mist, you need to fill the tank with water. Here is how to go about it:

  • Remove the tank from the base – hold the handle and pull it up gently
  • Twist the cap in the counterclockwise direction to remove it
  • Hold the tank handle with one hand and support the bottom of the tank with the other hand for safety
  • Fill the tank with distilled water. Do not use tap water in the humidifier, and do not use boiled water for humidifier
  • Place the cap back on and tighten by twisting it in the clockwise direction
  • Turn the tank back right up, hold it by the handle and support it as you place it gently on the base

The water in the tank will eventually run out and the unit will need refilling. If the refill light goes on, switch the unit off, and give it time to cool down (about 30 minutes) before refilling the tank.

Vicks warm mist humidifier cleaning instructions

Vicks warm mist humidifier cleaning instructions

By design, a humidifier releases whatever is in the water with the mist. With time, scale builds on the walls of the tank and in the heating chamber.

It needs to be cleaned out!

Also, your warm mist unit can disperse bacteria with the mist and when you inhale them, they could make you sick. Some bacteria can withstand the boiling water temperature.

To prevent this, and more, you need to know how to clean the humidifier. Here is how to go about it:

Cleaning Vicks humidifier with white vinegar

  • Switch the unit off, let it cool down, and unplug from power. Carry it with both hands to the kitchen or the bathroom
  • Grasp the handle of the water tank, pull gently but firmly to remove the tank, and pour out the water
  • Push the blue release latch of the mist chimney and pull it upwards to remove it
  • Push the removable tray lift tab and then pull it gently to remove the tray, set it aside
  • Add about a cupful of white vinegar to the tank. Hold it with two hands and swish gently to get it in all corners
  • Add a similar amount to the humidifier base

Soak the heating elements in white vinegar for about 20 minutes and then scrub them gently with a cloth to remove scale

Pour out the white vinegar from the base and tank and rinse the tank under running water

Rinse the base carefully because you should not immerse it in water. Doing so can cause serious damage to the circuitry. Water in the circuitry is one of the reasons why the humidifier fails to work after cleaning.

Wipe the medicine cup, the removable tray, and the mist chimney with water and white vinegar solution. These parts are also dishwasher friendly, on the top rack

Using a damp cloth, wipe the scent pad area gently. Dampen the cloth with water only – no bleach or white vinegar

How to disinfect the Vicks warm mist humidifier

According to an article on GreenWorks, homes with mold have a higher risk of growing mold than those without. Even in a warm mist humidifier, you should check for signs of mold in the humidifier tank.

Prolonged contact with this fungus can cause symptoms of mold exposure in babies, toddlers, and even grown-ups.

To disinfect the Vicks warm mist humidifier, do the following:

  • Add a teaspoonful of bleach to 1 gallon of water
  • Pour half of the above solution into the area with heating elements, wait for 20 minutes, pour it out, and gently scrub the heating elements (do not immerse the base in water).
  • Pour a similar amount of water-bleach solution into the tank and let it stay for 15 minutes
  • Pour the solution out of the tank and rinse it thoroughly under running water

Let all the parts you have cleaned air-dry, reassemble them and the humidifier will be ready to use.

How to store your humidifier

If you will not be using your Vicks, AIRCARE, or Honeywell humidifier for some time, clean it thoroughly, air-dry it, and then store it in its box or in a safe place.

Never store it with water in the tank, VapoPads in the scent pads, or anything in the medicine cup. Empty them and clean them too.

How to use a Vicks warm mist humidifier

Now we get to the fun part. The unit is fully assembled, and the tank is filled with water to a three-quarter level.

First, watch the video below on how to use the warm mist unit:

  1. Plug the polarized plug into the socket
  2. Set the mist output to high if the air is very dry. You can check the dryness using a hygrometer
  3. Once the green night light goes on, the unit is working and you should be able to see vapor soon after coming from the nozzle
  4. Keep your eye on the hygrometer so that you can know when the unit has humidified the air to 30 to 50%
  5. Once that is achieved, switch the humidity output setting to low

How to use liquid inhalants in the medicine cup

Use the recommended liquid inhalants like Kaz Inhalant that you can buy on

You could also use Vicks VapoSteam in the medicine cup. For both products, just use a minimum amount, not more than one teaspoonful.

How to use scent pads in the humidifier

To use scent pads in the humidifier, tear the pad bag at the top and insert it in the scent pad with the angled side facing downwards

The scent pad door is at the back of the unit. Close the door and let the scent pad heater do its job. Change the scent pads after 8 hours.

Troubleshooting Vicks warm mist humidifier 

Troubleshooting Vicks warm mist humidifier 

At different times in this blog, we have looked at problems of Levoit humidifier not working, Crane humidifier not working, and many others.

We have even looked at problems to do with dehumidifiers blowing cold air, and why a dehumidifier blows hot air.

In the same way, your Vicks warm mist humidifier might fail to work. If that happens, here is what to do:

Why the Vicks warm mist humidifier is not running

  • Try a different socket. Maybe you have plugged it into one with insufficient power
  • If the Vicks humidifier has a burning smell, it could have switched off after overheating. Let it cool down
  • If nothing is working, do not open the motor housing of the humidifier because that will void the warranty.

No mist or little mist

If the humidifier is not producing mist, check whether the tank has water or enough water.

Another problem could be the scale on the heating elements. Clean them as advised in the previous sections of this post.

If the tank was cleaned with detergent, it might fail to produce mist. Pour out the water and repeat the cleaning process.

Vicks warm mist humidifier red light

Two main things could be wrong here. First, the tank might be empty. Second, perhaps you did not reset the humidifier after refilling it with water.

Check the water level, and reset the unit.

Dampness around the humidifier

If you notice dampness around the humidifier, the tank could be leaking. Perhaps you did not twist the tank cap on tight, it might start leaking.

If the tank is cracked (which might happen if you used too much bleach when cleaning it), you might need to order a new one

For a humidifier that is too old, well, just replace the whole thing. If it has served you for about five years, it has given you good value for money.

Do not ship it back to Amazon, or wherever you bought it from

Contact Vicks Humidifiers consumer relations online on their Contact Us Page, or call them on the provided phone number 1-800-827 -6712

Conclusion: Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier Instructions

Follow the Vicks warm mist humidifier instructions for cleaning, operating, storage, and disinfecting, and your unit will last a long time!


Don’t use anything in the humidifier apart from the recommended products. If you want to use tap water, call the manufacturer and ask them whether you can use a demineralization cartridge in the humidifier.

If the unit fails to work properly and it is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

This is a very basic humidifier. Therefore, if you are not there to switch the mist output to low, it can make the air in the room too damp.

Remember, 70 percent humidity is too high. It can cause mold growth, and there are serious high humidity effects on the body.