Symptoms of Sleeping In A Dry Room

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Symptoms of Sleeping in Dry Air There are many symptoms of sleeping in a dry room. You would be amazed how many people experience disturbing symptoms daily because of sleeping in bedrooms with low humidity. Humidity is a very sensitive issue. When there is high humidity, you can experience ill effects on your body. If … Read more

Does Rain Increase Indoor Humidity?

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Does rain increase indoor humidity? Yes … but hold that thought a bit. We will get deeper into this topic. In another article, we looked at the relationship between rain and humidity. We discussed quite a number of things. If you read it, you will see that it seems to rain when the humidity is … Read more

Why Is There No Mist Coming Out Of My Humidifier? 7 Easy Checks

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Nothing could be as mind boggling as switching on your humidifier and it fails to produce mist. Power cord – check, water – check! So, why is there no mist coming out of my humidifier? Most humidifiers fail to produce mist when they are dirty. If the humidifier does not stand on a level surface, … Read more

What Humidity Level Is Uncomfortable? Above 55%

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Really, what humidity level is comfortable for you outside or inside? Most of the time, we give a range of 30 to 55%. But why such a wide range for indoor humidity? If the humidity is too high, usually, the temperature is high. There is a close relationship between humidity and temperature. High humidity tricks … Read more

Can Exhaust Fan Reduce Humidity? How It Helps

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Can exhaust fans reduce humidity or they only enhance the air circulation in your house? In another article, we saw that you can use an exhaust fan to lower humidity in the bedroom. There is some controversy when it comes to using exhaust fans to lower humidity. But that is why you are reading this … Read more