Homedics Humidifier Not Working: Possible Causes

homedics humidifier not working

Homedics humidifier not working? It can be frustrating! Imagine your lips and skin cracking because of dry air in the house. Imagine the static electricity hitting you hard every time you try to wear your sweater. Or your asthmatic family member wheezing uncontrollably as the dry air makes their airways inflamed. Since 1987, the Detroit-based … Read more

Why Do Babies Need Humidifiers?

Why do babies need humidifiers

Why do babies need humidifiers all the time? In another article, we saw that babies need a humidifier in their room even in summer. In the nursery, it is vital to keep your eye on the air quality to prevent any harm befalling your baby. There are many benefits of using a humidifier in summer, … Read more

Vicks Humidifier Burning Smell: 4 Causes

Vicks Humidifier Burning Smell

Have you noticed Vicks humidifier burning smell? Well, it should not be there. This kind of problem is not a preserve of the Vicks humidifiers alone. It can happen with any humidifier, as we saw in the article on Honeywell humidifier smells like burning. If you look around a bit on the web, you will … Read more

How Long Do Dehumidifiers Last?

How long do dehumidifiers last

How long do dehumidifiers last? This question does not pop into your mind when ordering a dehumidifier from Amazon.com or other online marketplace. But once your dehumidifier starts blowing cold air instead of warm air, you start thinking about how long you have had it. Is its lifespan over? So, what is the lifespan of … Read more

Best Small Dehumidifier for A Bedroom

small dehumidifier for bedroom

You will need the best small dehumidifier for bedroom if you are having trouble sleeping on account of the humid air. If you live in a high humidity place, you should check for symptoms of mold toxicity. However, instead of letting it get that far, just lower the humidity. If you have a small bedroom, … Read more