3 Best Small Humidifiers for A 3 by 3 Grow Tent

The best humidifier for a 3 x 3 grow tent can work well in a 4 x 4 tent, and even a 5×5 tent.

Most mini humidifiers can work in these small grow tents. However, to be on the safe side, it is better to buy a humidifier with a slightly bigger space rating than what you have at home.

It is better to have more and not need it than to have less than what you need. In this case, you should not use a mini atomization humidifier, it is too small!

Since you cannot run the humidifier for your 2 x 2 grow tent all the time, you will want to use it in other spaces at home.

Make it slightly bigger. Also, you never know when you might want to make your growing space bigger, in which case you would need a bigger humidifier to control humidity in the grow tent.

Here are three humidifiers that you can use in a 3 x 3 grow tent:

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier

Best Humidifier For 3x3 Grow Tent


The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is very popular in the USA, with people who use a portable humidifier.

It comes with outstanding features and functions. Some of them include the 360-degree rotating nozzle. You can get the humidity spread out evenly inside the grow tent.

With a space rating of 250 square feet, when you are not using the humidifier in the small grow tent, you can use it in the bedroom to avoid the symptoms of sleeping in a dry room.

The humidifier has low, medium, and high mist output speeds. The 1.5-liter tank can pump the mist for up to 25 hours on low speed setting.

But even if it runs empty, the humidifier shuts down automatically. If you have been wondering what happens when you use a humidifier on empty tank, it shuts down.

It creates a very fine mist that does not get to fall onto the floor and make it wet. It floats in the air, increasing the humidity level appropriately.

This humidifier does not make everything around it wet, unless you keep running it even when you attain the right humidity level.

You can also use this humidifier for sinus relief. Sleeping with it in the bedroom is okay, but place it a distance away from the bed. It will maintain good humidity levels in the bedroom.


  • Register the humidifier online (check Pure Enrichment Humidifier Instructions) for warranty
  • Easy to use – no assembly needed
  • You can use demineralization cartridge in the humidifier to prevent white dust
  • 3 speed settings for mist output


  • The cap can be too hard to open when you want to clean the tank

Levoit 2.4 Liter humidifier for Grow Tent

Image of best small humidifier for grow tentCLICK TO SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

You can never go wrong with a humidifier, dehumidifiers or even air purifier from Levoit. They are durable, have few issues and they serve their purpose well.

The 2.4 liter Levoit Humidifier gives great value for money thanks to its sturdy construction, low energy consumption, the whisper quiet operation and great looks.

If it gets to a point of the Levoit humidifier not misting, it should be easy to troubleshoot.

This one comes with a 2.4-liter tank, so even in the driest months of the year, it can run nonstop for 24 hours, perhaps even slightly more.

When the tank gets almost empty, with a little water remaining, the humidifier shuts down automatically.

Besides, the transparent tank enables you to see how much water is remaining, so that you can refill it when necessary.

The humidifier has a rotating nozzle to release mist in all directions. If placed in the center of the tent, it will humidify the air around it evenly. Just like you should not place a dehumidifier on the floor, keep the humidifier elevated.

The mist dispersion height is 60CM! That is high. Therefore, you can measure the size of your plants to know how far off the floor you will place the humidifier.


  • It is very energy efficient
  • Can be used even in a bigger grow tent
  • Shuts down when it runs out of water to prevent burning smell
  • Soft night light to allow you to sleep


Honeywell Top Fill Tower Humidifier

best humidifier for a small grow tentCLICK TO SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

This is one of the best looking humidifiers in the market, thanks to its tower design. We also think it is the best humidifier for a 3 x 3 grow tent, thanks to its space saving design. If you put it in one corner of the small tent, it will stay out of your way.

The narrow design also makes this a perfect portable humidifier for office, small bedrooms and other spaces. You can use it in your baby nursery when you are not using it in the growing tent.

This unit has a programmable humidistat. What this means is that you can enter the humidity settings. That way, if the air becomes too dry, the humidifier will start automatically.

Mostly, the portable humidifier manufacturers avoid adding this function, but not Honeywell humidifiers.

It also has a 12-hour timer, which means you can set the unit to start adding moisture to your air in 12 hours time.

This is not a filterless humidifier, so it will be releasing filtered, pure mist into your indoor air. While this means you have to clean and/or replace the filters, it is a small price to pay for the purest mist.


  • Integrated humidistat controls its operation
  • Tower design ensures less space use on the floor
  • Easy to follow Honeywell humidifier instructions for set up
  • Top fill design
  • It can work with compatible filters from other brands


  • The humidifier base is challenging to clean
  • Filter replacement is costly because you need to replace once a month

Best humidifier for 3×3 grow tent FAQ

Will any humidifier be good for your small 3 feet by 3 feet grow tent? Humidifiers are not made equally. Some are big, some are small. Some are efficient, some are not.

What humidifier to use for grow tent?

Just look for a small portable humidifier that fulfills the criteria below:

Space rating – If you have a 3×3 grow tent, you do not need a humidifier with a high space rating. In fact, even a battery operated humidifier can work just okay for you.

However, since you can move a portable humidifier from room to room, just get one with about 200 to 300 square feet space rating.

A humidistat would be good – Okay, not many portable humidifiers come with a humidistat but there are several.

A humidistat ensures that a humidifier only runs when the humidity level falls below what you have entered. As long as the tank has water, this unit is going to work without your interference.

Running time – For such a small tent, a humidifier with a 1.5 to 4-liter tank size would be appropriate since it can give you a continuous runtime of 24 to 48 hours non-stop. Of course, this depends on the mist speed setting.

Convenient features – These include things like low noise level, night light, filters and others. The more of these a humidifier has the better it is.

Cool or warm mist humidifier for a grow tent?

It is best to get a cool mist humidifier. There are a few reasons for suggesting this!

First, the tent space of 2 by 2 is quite small. Therefore, pumping warm mist into such a small space is going to make the air feel hotter for your plants.

Secondly, there is already enough heat from the light you have installed in the grow tent. Using a warm mist humidifier will make the air pretty hot faster.

In some instances, some plants require high humidity and would benefit more from a cool mist unit, and vice versa.

Make sure there is enough ventilation to allow airflow. That way, there will be no condensation on the walls of the tent.

Too much humidity can cause mold growth in the tent or inside your home.

Do I need a humidifier for a grow tent?

A humidifier can help to control humidity in an incubator, in a grow tent, in the closet, in the bedroom and practically everywhere else indoors.

If you expose your indoor plants to dry air, they are going to start losing their natural moisture to the surroundings. This affects their health and can stunt their growth.

Humidifiers are very important in your growing tent. You can use it to regulate the climate for your plants.

To do this appropriately, find out what sort of climate is recommended for your indoor plants.

The Verdict

All of the humidifiers that we have looked at here are great for maintaining the humidity in your 3 by 3 feet grow tent.

However, we would recommend the Honeywell Tower design humidifier because it has a humidistat. In the article on humidistat vs hygrometer, we said that a humidistat senses the humidity level.

In this case, the Honeywell Top-fill Tower humidifier will turn on automatically when the air is too dry. Again, it will turn off automatically when the air moisture level is enough.

If you have budget constraints though, go for the cheaper Levoit humidifier.