Humidifier Not Working After Cleaning: Water In Circuitry!

Humidifier Not Working After Cleaning

Do you have a problem with the humidifier not working after cleaning? Relax, here, we are going to look at the possible causes of that. In our article on Pure Enrichment humidifiers not working, we looked at many reasons why a humidifier may fail. These were: Failing to produce mist Humidifier light blinking red Humidifier … Read more

Is Whole House Humidifier A Bad Idea? 5 Problems

Image of is whole house humidifier a bad idea

Is a whole house humidifier a bad idea and should you just avoid it altogether and get a couple of portable humidifiers? Well, that is what we will try to figure out in this article. Some time in the past, we looked at the whole house humidifier pros and cons. In that post, we said … Read more

House Is Dry Even With Humidifier: 8 Checks

Image of house is dry even with humidifier

Why Is My House So Dry Even With A Humidifier? If your house is dry even with humidifier, you still have a problem of dry air to deal with. A humidifier, such as the Honeywell HCM350 should add moisture to your indoor air and raise the humidity level to between 30 and 50 percent. But … Read more

What Percentage Humidity Creates Problems Inside A Home?

Image of What percentage humidity creates problems inside a home

How Much Humidity Is Too Much For Your Home’s Health? What percentage humidity creates problems inside a home? High humidity creates a good environment for dust mites to thrive. On the other hand, low humidity has nasty health effects. Dry air can cause coughs, wheezing, respiratory inflammation and others.In your home, you need just the … Read more

Mini Atomization Humidifier Not Working: Causes & Solutions

Mini Atomization Humidifier Not Steaming & Other Issues Do you have the problem of a mini atomization humidifier not working? You have come to the right place. A humidifier increases the humidity of a room by pumping mist into the dry air. It breaks water into tiny particles, which it releases into your indoor air … Read more