Are Vicks Humidifiers Safe For Cats?

are vicks humidifiers safe for cats

Is It Safe To Use Vicks Humidifiers Around Cats? When choosing a humidifier, dehumidifier or any other appliance, you should always find out whether it will be safe for your pets. And that is why today, as the owner of a beautiful feline, as you can see in one picture in this post, we ask: … Read more

What Causes Static Electricity In The House?

what causes static electricity in the house

Why Do I Keep Getting Static Electricity At Home? This is a Shocker! During the cold season, the air becomes dry and cold, and this makes it hard for electrons to move around freely. The electrons build up in large numbers on the skin, causing the mild, but annoying, shock that you experience when you … Read more

Where is the Humidity Sensor on Levoit Humidifier?

Where is the Humidity Sensor on Levoit Humidifier

Where is the Humidity Sensor on a Humidifier? Quick Check & Fix There are several causes of the Levoit humidifier not working, and one of them is the humidity sensor getting stuck on one reading only. This can mess you up badly because you cannot know the correct humidity reading when you want. But why … Read more

Why Is My Portable Humidifier Leaking From The Bottom?

Why Is My Portable Humidifier Leaking From The Bottom

Your Humidifier Leaks from the Bottom? Simple Checks That Won’t Cost You A Dime! The problem of a portable humidifier leaking from the bottom is quite common. Most of the time, it is caused by things such as a poorly attached tank cap, overfilling the reservoir, attaching the tank wrongly, and so on, things that … Read more

Are Mini Humidifiers Effective?

Is A Small Humidifier Enough for a Room? Are mini humidifiers effective at lowering humidity? That is what we shall find out in this short post. In the past, we have reviewed the best small humidifiers for bedrooms, the best humidifiers for 3×3 grow tent, humidifier for 4×4 grow tent, and many more. We saw … Read more