Shark Air Purifier Keeps Turning Off: 5 Checks & Fixes

shark air purifier keeps turning off

Why Does My (Shark) Air Purifier Turn Itself Off? 5 Simple Checks If your Shark air purifier keeps turning off, definitely, something could be amiss. However, as it turns out, there is no need to worry, because some of the causes are easy to troubleshoot, and fix. In the past, I have looked at the … Read more

Can An Air Purifier Cause A Sore Throat?

can air purifier cause sore throat

The Hidden Truth about Air purifiers Causing Illness Symptoms An air purifier is a very good investment for people who live in places with polluted air. But first, there are truths about these appliances that the manufacturers do not disclose loudly enough. So today, we ask: Can an air purifier cause a sore throat? IF … Read more

Air Purifier or Dehumidifier For Musty Smell?

air purifier or dehumidifier for musty smell

If you have a musty smell in the house, mostly, it means one thing – the presence of mold. And if you have mold, it means one thing – you have too high indoor humidity. Therefore, you might wonder whether to run an air purifier to remove musty smell, or to use a dehumidifier to … Read more