Why Frigidaire Dehumidifier Blows Hot Air?

why Frigidaire dehumidifier blows hot air

There are many reasons why Frigidaire dehumidifier blows hot air. If you have the 70-Pint Frigidaire dehumidifier that we reviewed earlier for the basement usage, you might ask why it is blowing hot air. This is not unusual at all. Dehumidifiers are supposed to blow dry and warm air into the room. All the same, … Read more

Is a Humidifier Good for Cold Weather?

Is a humidifier good for cold weather

Is a humidifier good for cold weather or should I just switch on the heat? This is your predicament! You don’t know whether you need the heat more than the humidity, or both! But … A humidifier is good for cold weather. During winter, the air is drier. And dry air can cause nasty symptoms. … Read more

Honeywell Humidifier Instructions (HUL520W MistMate)

Honeywell humidifier instructions

Many people ask: How do you operate a Honeywell humidifier? If you have bought yourself a Honeywell HCM 350 Germ-Free humidifier or any other of their models, you might be asking about the Honeywell humidifier instructions for use, storage, cleaning and so on. In this blog, we have looked at this brand name in the … Read more

Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Toddlers

Symptoms of mold exposure in toddlers

There are many symptoms of mold exposure in toddlers to be aware of if you live in a high humidity place. In another post, we looked at the signs of mold exposure in babies. This post is more or less the same. If you see any of these, please take care of your baby faster … Read more

Crane Humidifier Instructions (Drop) Use, Safety & Care

How to fill Crane Drop humidifier

Knowing the Crane humidifier instructions for setting up, using, cleaning and maintaining the unit will help you to get the best value for money. The drop shape of the Crane humidifier makes them stand out. But they are also very effective at increasing humidity. This brand name is very popular, with so many positive reviews … Read more