Toxic Black Mold Vs Black Mold: Dangerous Truth!

Toxic Black Mold Vs Black Mold

Is Black Mold Different From Toxic Mold: The Lethal Truth about This Fungus If you have a moisture problem or high humidity at home, sooner than later, you will be contending with mold. And chances are high that you will be facing toxic black mold vs black mold. Exposure to the toxic black fungus can … Read more

How to Remove Mold Spores from the Air in the House

Image of how to get rid of mold spores in the air

How To Remove Mold Spores In The Air: Powerful Ways To Get Rid of This Nasty Fungus If you live in a place with high humidity throughout the year, you no doubt have had to contend with mold infestations a few times. This is why you need to know how to remove mold spores from … Read more

Signs of Mold Exposure In Babies You Shouldn’t Miss

Symptoms of Mold Exposure In Child: Serious Indications Of Mold Toxicity In Babies What are the signs of mold exposure in babies? Disclaimer: This post is intended for informational purposes only. If you, baby, pet or any family member has been exposed to black mold, see a doctor as soon as possible. Several times in … Read more

Is Black Mold In Humidifier Dangerous

black mold in a humidifier

Black Mold In Humidifier – How To Identify and Get Rid of The Dangerous Allergen You will know you have black mold in humidifier when you see black slime in the tank. It is best to take care of it immediately because it can cause mold exposure symptoms in toddlers. It is called black toxic … Read more

Is Pink Mold In Humidifier Dangerous?

Is pink mold in humidifier dangerous

Why Is the Inside of My Humidifier Pink? It’s an Indication of Pink Mold Is pink mold in humidifier dangerous or should you just worry about black mold? There is no immediate danger for healthy people. Children and seniors who have compromised immunity can experience urinary tract and bladder infections, lung infections, heart problems, gastrointestinal … Read more