What Is The Humidity and Rain Relationship?

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Relationship Between Humidity and Rainfall: Demystified! What is the humidity and rain relationship? This is a very good question. Of course, it is always more humid during the rainy season. So yes, there is a relationship. After all, it does seem to mostly rain when the humidity is high outside. Humidity is moisture or water … Read more

Does Dehumidifier Work Better In Warm Room?

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When you buy a new dehumidifier, you will have many questions in your mind. One of them is: does dehumidifier work better in warm room? And this is a good question because there is a relationship between humidity and temperature as we saw in our article on humidity and temperature relationship chart. So, do dehumidifiers … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Help Nasal Congestion? 100% Yes!

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Do Air Purifiers Help with Sinus Issues? They Are The Perfect Antidote When you buy this appliance to remove pollutants from your air, you will have many questions on your mind. One of them is: do air purifiers help nasal congestion? This is a fair question because the pollen season is one of the reasons … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Affect Humidity? That’s Not Its Job!

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Do air purifiers affect humidity? This is a fair question. Also, some people ask: Does an air purifier dry out the air? Well, it is easy to understand why people ask these questions. An air purifier pulls in air inside itself, removes the impurities and then it pumps out clean air. Thus, if your air … Read more

Best Battery Operated Humidifier Reviews & FAQ

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The recommended humidity level for your comfort in indoor spaces is 30 to 50%. If you do not keep it at that level, you may experience problems such as chapped lips, itchy skin, migraines, static and many others. When you have a whole house humidifier at home, it will take care of your humidity levels … Read more