How To Clean Demineralization Cartridges

In this article, we shall explore how to clean demineralization cartridges for your humidifier.

In the past, we looked at how to stop humidifier white dust. If you use ultrasonic humidifiers, you will definitely have to square out with white dust.

Although humidifier white dust is not harmful to your health, it is an irritant all the same.

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We also said that water with minerals causes the humidifier dust. The good news is that the solution is using a demineralization cartridge.

So, can you clean a demineralization cartridge for a Vicks humidifier? Probably yes. Or perhaps you should just replace it since it does not cost too much money.

How to clean demineralization cartridges

First, before you know whether you can clean your demineralization cartridge for Honeywell humidifier, you need to know how long it is supposed to last.

As a rule of thumb, this small unit is supposed to last 12 months. Remember, it traps the minerals in water.

If you live in a place with really hard water, it can also have a faster mineral build-up. In that case, you might even have to change it sooner.

If your demineralization cartridge is one year old, just change it. However, if it is not, you need to clean it and place it back in the unit.

How often should you clean your demineralization cartridge?

This depends on how mineral-laden your water is. In areas with real hard water, you might need to clean the demineralization cartridge at least once a month.

If there are minimal minerals in the water, that is, if it is between soft and hard, you can clean the cartridge once every two months.

Since the cleaning process is so simple, we would recommend that you clean it once a month. If your TaoTronics demineralization cartridge is not cleaned in time, it can affect your humidifier’s output.

Besides, you do not want all that pale dust on your furniture, carpets, books and walls.

You will know that it is time to change the cartridge when white dust starts forming. Since it prevents the formation of the same, if you spot pale dust in your home, it means it is failing.

How to clean demineralization cartridges – the process

As we promised, this is a very simple process. First, you have to remove the cartridge from the humidifier.

The demineralization cartridge cleaning instructions are as follows:

  • Remove the cartridge from the humidifier.
  • Soak it in a salt and water solution. Alternatively, you can soak it in vinegar/water solution – half/half.
  • Let it stay in the solution for 20 minutes
  • This solution is going to break down the minerals caked on the demineralization cartridge enabling it to do its job easier
  • After 20 minutes, remove the cartridge from the solution, check it and rinse it in clean water.
  • Place it back in the humidifier

How long does a demineralization cartridge last?

If you have very hard water, you might need to replace the demineralization cartridge in your humidifier up to 4 times a year, perhaps even more.

Some sources will tell you that if your water is soft, replace it in about six months. However, in some cases, you can even go for a full year.

How often you replace the demineralization cartridge for Vicks humidifier depends also on how often you use the appliance.

If you live in one of those extremely humid places in Florida, you don’t need to run your humidifier for a long time.

If you live in a less humid place, you might need to replace the cartridge more often than a person who runs his/her humidifier a few times a month.

As we promised, you have seen that how to clean demineralization cartridges is so easy and it doesn’t take much time.

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