How to Clean Your Dehumidifier with Vinegar, and Kill the Mold!

Here, we are going to show you how to clean a dehumidifier with vinegar.

Vinegar is one of the most common cleaning solutions at home. The fact that it can kill bacteria makes it even better.

So, how do you clean a dehumidifier with vinegar, and most importantly, do you clean every part? That is what we are going to find out here.

The reason for using vinegar to clean a dehumidifier is to disinfect it. That way, you can use the dehumidifier water to water your plants without worrying that it will spread toxins.

Generally, it is good practice to know how to clean a dehumidifier. On the same note, the appliance will not spread bacteria in your indoor air.

It can also spread mold, which will cause mold exposure symptoms in babies, adults, and even pets.

Why clean your dehumidifier with vinegar?

There are many reasons. First, you can neutralize any germs and bacteria that would otherwise find their way into your indoor air.

Secondly, water and vinegar solutions can help to clean out mold from your appliance. If mold spores get into your indoor air, they could cause serious health problems.

In addition, mold can trigger asthmatic attacks. Take special care if you have a person suffering from asthma or a respiratory illness.

5 Powerful Tips to Clean a Dehumidifier with Vinegar

Clean a Dehumidifier with Vinegar

Cleaning a dehumidifier with vinegar is very simple. In another article, we discussed how to clean a humidifier.

It is basically the same simple process, but the anatomy of the two appliances is different. It is best to make a habit of cleaning your dehumidifier regularly. That way, you will take a short time to clean it.

Here is the simple process for cleaning a dehumidifier using vinegar:

Step 1. How to clean a dehumidifier tank with vinegar

The first thing that you need to do is unplug the dehumidifier from the electricity supply. By this, we mean pulling the plug out rather than just switching off the power at the socket. You do not want any mishaps to happen.

Secondly, you should drain the tank so that you can remove it. After that, you have to disassemble the appliance.

Since the tank holds the water that the dehumidifier draws from the air, it can cause mold infestations. If the mold spores get into your air, and you inhale them, they could trigger respiratory problems.

Once you have disassembled the dehumidifier, pour equal amounts of water and white vinegar directly into the tank.

Some people use warm water, while others use cold water. It does not matter what you use. Just fill it with this solution close to the brim and let it stay for some time.

Step 2. Or you could first clean the tank with warm water and soap

how to clean dehumidifier with soap and water

This is yet another effective method for preventing mold in dehumidifiers. Once you have emptied the tank, you can pour in warm water to about three-quarters full. You may then add a few drops of dish soap and scrub it with a sponge.

Ensure that you scrub it thoroughly and get to all the corners. Use a sponge since it is soft enough and won’t leave any scratches on the tank walls.

Empty the tank out and rinse it. You can then commence spraying it with undiluted vinegar, pour it out, and leave it to dry. If you have been asking how I clean mold out of my dehumidifier, that is it!

When the dehumidifier tank is dry, return it to the unit, and you can crank it up. Sometimes, a dehumidifier might fail to work after cleaning it. If that happens, check for water in the circuitry.

Step 3: How to clean the dehumidifier hose

This is for the big dehumidifiers that are attached to drain pipes rather than coming with a reservoir to store the collected water.

Therefore, after you know how to clean the Frigidaire dehumidifier bucket, you might want to clean the drain pipe too, since it can also develop mold.

It is simple. Just disconnect the pipe first, and then clean it with warm, soapy water. You can then fill it with undiluted white vinegar. Pour it out and attach the pipe again.

Remember, if you forget to clean the dehumidifier with the hose, it too can spread and cause mold toxicity signs.

Step 4: Cleaning dehumidifier filter

Cleaning the dehumidifier filter is very simple. Mainly, this is usually clogged with dust, especially if it has been a long time since you cleaned it last.

Therefore, remove the filter from the unit and vacuum it to get rid of the excess dust that may have settled on it.

You can then soak it in a basin with cold water and natural dish soap to remove any grime. Run clean water over it, dry it, and place it back in the dehumidifier.

Step 5: Wipe the exterior of the dehumidifier

how to clean a dehumidifier with vinegar

The process for how to clean a dehumidifier bucket cannot be complete if we do not include how to clean the exterior of the appliance.

This is as simple as it gets.

You can use a damp cloth to clean the exterior. You can also use a sponge since it won’t leave scratches on the bucket or other parts of the dehumidifier.


That is it for how to clean a dehumidifier with vinegar. Remember, this is white vinegar. Always keep your dehumidifier and humidifier clean to avoid introducing bacteria, allergens, and viruses into your indoor air.

When you clean your dehumidifier regularly, it will not accumulate dirt, thereby making it easier to clean.