Can I Put Fabric Softener in My Humidifier?

There is always that temptation to add things to your humidifier water. However, can you put fabric softener in your humidifier?

Well, in another article, we said that you can add a few drops of essential oils in humidifier for baby. Thus, with that in mind, it is simple to see why many people ask the question of adding fabric softener in a humidifier.

So, can I put fabric softener in my humidifier? No! When fabric softeners are released in the mist, they can cause serious breathing issues in people with respiratory issues. Apart from a drop or two of essential oil in cool mist humidifier, only water goes to the unit.

In some instances, the chemicals used to manufacture fabric softener can cause a fire under certain conditions. NEVER use this product in your humidifier. It is not only not okay, but it is unsafe and unhealthy too.

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Why you shouldn’t use fabric softener in a humidifier

You should not even use fabric softener to clean your humidifier. Sometimes, even with thorough rinsing, some traces of the cleaning product that you use remain.

Therefore, for health reasons, do not use anything apart from mild dish soap, water and vinegar to clean the unit.

When you have seen symptoms of mold in your humidifier, you can use bleach to kill it completely. However, please note that you should never use vinegar and bleach together. They can form a poisonous gas.

Can I put fabric softener in my diffuser? A diffuser is used for dispensing essential oils that help with congestion, breathing and aromatherapy into your air. The essential oils are safe for inhaling but fabric softener is not.

If you are buying a humidifier to help your baby breathe, you should be super careful about what you add in the unit.

What can I add to my humidifier water?

Most of the time, it is just better to use an appliance for what it is made for. In this case, it is made to be used with water alone, to produce mist.

But there is always an exception to the rule. For example, if you use very little amounts of essential oils, you will not damage the appliance.

Can you add Febreeze to your humidifier?

No, you cannot. Air fresheners are made with chemicals and they may not be safe to use inside the humidifier. So you should not mix them with the water inside the tank.

Use the KISS rule with your appliances – keep it simple stupid! If you are not sure if it should go in the humidifying unit, just do not add it. And this applies to all of those other things you might have in mind!

What is safe to put in a humidifier?

Water is the safest bet  because this appliance is designed to use water to produce mist. Distilled or demineralized water is the safest thing that you can add to a humidifier. You can use a demineralization cartridge to get rid of extra minerals in your water before adding it to the unit.

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What should you not put in a humidifier?

A number of things actually. These are:

  • Air fresheners
  • Fabric softeners
  • Perfumes
  • Hard water
  • Salt
  • Bleach and vinegar (use only to clean)

Can you put cleaning products in a humidifier?

Yes, you can use the recommended cleaning products in your unit. These include white vinegar, dish soap and chlorine bleach. Some people even use a mild water and hydrogen peroxide solution. If in doubt, refer to the user manual to see the recommended care and maintenance.

Remember: Never use bleach and vinegar together. Only use one of the two products.

Is it OK to run vinegar through a humidifier?

You should never run your humidifier while it has vinegar in the tank. Remember, anything that you add to the water tank is going to come out as mist and you will inhale it. You can only use white vinegar to clean your humidifier tank but not run it.

Is it safe to put bleach in a humidifier?

It is safe, but only for cleaning the tank. It can kill mold spores completely so you will enjoy cool, pure mist. But just as with vinegar, never run a humidifier while it has bleach in the tank and never use bleach together with vinegar.

Should you put salt in a humidifier?

Never add salt, sugar or even the highly praised cleaning agent  – baking sod in your unit to run. Such things might damage your humidifier filters or other parts. Using such could also invalidate the warranty.

Can you put fabric softener in your humidifier? Our verdict!

The answer is a resounding no! In fact, to be on the safe side always, use water only in your unit. That way, you will always be sure that your family is inhaling pure mist.

Some sources say you can add lemon juice to a humidifier, but it is best not to add things unless the manufacturer has said you can.

Fabric softeners work differently from water.

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