Will A Small Air Purifier Work In A Large Room?

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Will a small air purifier work in a large room?

Size and space rating for an air purifier are very important. The same applies for a humidifier or dehumidifier.

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So,can you use a small air purifier in a large room? Use small air purifiers in small rooms. If you use a small air purifier in a big room, it will just consume electricity and not purify the air. Small air purifiers have a rating of 300 square feet and below. A small air purifier can work in a big room if you have two or more similar units at different places in the same room.

When you buy an air purifier like the BISSELL Air Purifier, MYair, 2780A from amazon.com, you will find that it is rated for 100 square feet. Therefore, if you want an air purifier to humidifier multiple rooms at once, this is not for you.

One large air purifier or two smaller ones?

This is another question that most people ask when they are buying an air purifier.

Well, if the rooms that you want to use the air purifiers with are interconnected by doorways, you can get a large air purifier.

If the rooms do not have a connecting doorway, you might want to get a purifier for each. Therefore, when it comes to one large air purifier or two smaller ones, we can say that it depends on the spaces whose air you want to clean.

If you have two small air purifiers and a large room to clean, you can use the two in one room.

All the same, you would still have to ensure that in combination, the two can clean all the air in the room.

What we mean is that if you have two Bissell air cleaners and each is rated for 100 square feet, both will still not work in a 450 square foot room.

When buying an air purifier, it is best to get one large one, say, rated for a couple of thousand square feet.

It is better to have the capacity to clean the air in a large room and not need to use it than not have it and then find you need to use it.

Running more small air purifiers can be costly because they will consume more electricity. Ultimately, the best option is to use a large air purifier.

Room size and air change rate

The room size matters quite a lot when you are buying an air purifier. Another thing that matters a lot is the ACH – air change rate of the appliance.

Of course, the air change rate is about how many times the air purifier is going to change the air in the room in an hour.

An air purifier with a high air change rate is better because it can cleanse the air in the room faster.

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If you have really polluted air full of allergens, fungus, dust, odor, smoke and other pollutants, you need a purifier that can change the entire volume of air in the room many times in an hour.

If your indoor air is not too polluted, a purifier with low ACH rating will be fine.

About the size of the room, just go by the square footage that the manufacturer recommends. All the same, using a large air purifier in a small room might do a faster job. However, the main consideration is ACH.


Will a small air purifier work in a large room? Unless you are using many of them stationed around the room, it won’t work.

In any case, managing one air purifier unit is better than having to check over several of them. Thus, we feel it is more economical and easier to run a large air purifier for many rooms.

If the air purifier is too small for room, it is going to be really ineffective. Therefore, it is better to get a big air purifier if your air is laden with pollutants.

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