Does Outdoor Humidity Affect Indoor Humidity?

Does outdoor humidity affect indoor humidity

Does outdoor humidity affect indoor humidity and to what degree? Of course it does! No matter how air-tight your home is, the air from outside will always enter. If the humidity is high outside, it will change your indoor humidity level. If the humidity outside is low, the dry air will enter through gaps in … Read more

What Is Considered High Humidity Outside?

What is considered high humidity outside and at what level? Humidity levels outside or inside vary depending on the time of day and the season, with summer and winter having high and low levels respectively. In another article, we asked whether 70 percent humidity is high outside. And we agreed that yes, it is indeed … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Change Humidifier Filter?

What happens if you don’t change humidifier filter

What happens if you don’t change humidifier filter? You might ask this question if you have just bought your first humidifier. Today, most cool mist and warm mist humidifiers have filters that capture bacteria, fungi and in some cases, viruses that can be dispensed in your mist. However, humidifiers can develop many problems, as we … Read more

Humidifier Tablets to Prevent Mold

You might want to use humidifier tablets to prevent mold in your appliance. Humidifiers increase the moisture content in your indoor air, raising the humidity level. However, because of their regular contact with water, mold can grow inside the tank and then the mister will disperse it with the mist. That’s why you ought to … Read more

Humidifier Not Working After Cleaning: Water In Circuitry!

Humidifier Not Working After Cleaning

Do you have a problem with the humidifier not working after cleaning? Relax, here, we are going to look at the possible causes of that. In our article on Pure Enrichment humidifiers not working, we looked at many reasons why a humidifier may fail. These were: Failing to produce mist Humidifier light blinking red Humidifier … Read more