How To Install Demineralization Cartridge In Aircare Humidifier

Here, you will see how to install a demineralization cartridge in AIRCARE humidifier.

Getting a demineralization cartridge allows you to use tap water in an ultrasonic humidifier. You can save the money that you would have spent on distilled water.

Tap water has minerals that form humidifier white dust when the water is used in an ultrasonic humidifier.

AIRCARE has different types of humidifiers, including evaporative and whole house humidifiers.

But only the ultrasonic AIRCARE humidifiers make white dust when they are used with mineral-laden tap water.

You can also clean a demineralization cartridge and reuse it. But does it work in every humidifier?

Also, we ask: does it require any installation, you know, tinkling with screwdrivers and other tools?

Here, we will see how to install a demineralization cartridge in your AIRCARE humidifier such as the Cool Mist Whisper Quiet Humidifier- NOVA that you can order on

Where does the demineralization cartridge go in the AIRCARE humidifier?

how to install a demineralization cartridge in AIRCARE humidifier

On the post on how to install demineralization cartridge in Homedics humidifier, we saw there is no installation required.

The cartridge goes inside the tank. Just pour in the water and drop it inside before you replace the tank on the humidifier.

Thankfully, you can buy HoMedics demineralization cartridges for a humidifier on They will work in the AIRCARE humidifiers without any problem

No installation is needed for the demineralization cartridge in any humidifier. Just drop it in the humidifier tank, and that’s all!

In another post, we saw a few reasons for HoMedics humidifier not working properly. If it is leaving behind humidifier white dust, a demineralization cartridge is going to help.

In the post on AIRCARE humidifier keeps shutting off, we said that when cleaning it, you should remove and clean all the accessories you might be using in the tank.

A demineralization cartridge is one of the accessories. It is washable, but many humidifier instructions say you should replace it after 40 fillings in the humidifier tank.

If you are not sure, just change them once you notice the return of pale dust on your surfaces.

Remember, the cartridge is in contact with water all the time. It can develop mold and mold toxicity signs in children, adults, and pets.

How long does a demineralization cartridge last?

How long does a demineralization cartridge last

If your humidifier comes with demineralization cartridges, there will be information regarding when to change them.

However, even if this information is not included in the humidifier instructions (used for demonstration purposes), it is advisable to change after 500 hours of usage.

But 500 hours can be quite hard to keep track of, you know, every time you run your humidifier. Therefore, change the cartridges after 30 or 40 humidifier tank fillings.

Since the cartridges are washable, please wash yours every time you are cleaning a cool mist humidifier.

If they have microbes, they will be released with the mist, which will affect the health of every person who inhales it.

How to demineralize hard water for a humidifier

There are a few ways to do this.

First, you can use humidifier tablets in an ultrasonic humidifier. They will prevent the release of minerals found in your tap water in the mist.

Secondly, you can use a demineralization filter if you have a unit from this brand. The filters take the place of the tank cap and are compatible with all Crane humidifier models.

Thirdly, you can use a freestanding demineralization cartridge, such as you can get from HoMedics, which is dropped into the tank, and can work with all humidifiers.

Fourthly, boiling water for humidifier removes excess minerals. Not everything, but it is better than nothing.

Fifthly, there are many, more advanced methods of removing minerals from your water. They include filtration and reverse osmosis methods. Because of their cost, it is preferable to use humidifier tablets.

How to use Crane humidifier demineralization filter to prevent white dust

Not all ultrasonic humidifiers come with a demineralization cartridge. Some, such as the Crane humidifiers, can come with a demineralization filter.

It works the same way as a demineralization cartridge, only that it requires some type of installation. Instead of using the tank cap, you will use the demineralization filter.

Of course, there will be more information in the Crane humidifier instructions if it comes with the filter.

The Crane humidifier filter that you can buy on also has antimicrobial features. It can kill microbes that would otherwise be released into your indoor air with the mist.

The instructions for how long to use the humidifier filters from Crane are almost similar to those of the cartridges. Replace them after 30 to 40 tank fillings.

Also, use them in tanks exceeding 0.5 gallons capacity.

This demineralization filter is compatible with all portable Crane humidifiers. Since the tank openings of humidifiers may not be the same, it is not advisable to buy this filter from another brand.

Final Thoughts

Installing a demineralization cartridge in an AIRCARE humidifier is simple and does not require any tools.

Also, in the same way, we said you can use a Vicks humidifier without Vapopads, you can use any humidifier without a demineralization cartridge.

Using a white dust cartridge is so easy. Just soak it in water for about 20 minutes, and then drop it in the tank.