Why Sleeping With A Humidifier Is Good: Improves Your Sleep!

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A humidifier can help you sleep much better! Dry air can give you many sleepless nights and affect your productivity at work.

But for that, you have to know how to choose a humidifier to maintain the right humidity level for the bedroom.

When the humidity level in your home drops to extremely low levels, the air can become unhealthy and uncomfortable.

That is why you need a good humidifier for your bedroom to help you sleep comfortably through the night.

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What are the benefits of having a humidifier in the bedroom?

Here, we are talking about bedroom humidifier benefits. And they are quite a good number.

Therefore, if you have been asking, Why do you need the best humidifier for your bedroom?

The answer is that the best humidifier for bedroom can help you sleep, nourish your skin, and do much more.

Dry air has the potential to draw moisture from almost everything in the house. And from you too!

Imagine that it can also draw moisture from your skin, eyes, furniture, and fittings. Your respiratory system also requires moisture for it to operate optimally; thus, breathing dry air puts your health at risk.

That is why you need a room humidifier when sleeping.

Naturally, our bodies react negatively to dry air. Dry air makes the skin itchy, causes the lips to crack, and irritates the nose and throat. It also makes you highly susceptible to many health risks, such as asthma, sinusitis, and eczema, among others.

The good thing is that the best kind of humidifier in your bedroom will help.

Is it safe to leave a humidifier on all night?

Having the best room humidifier is one of the ways to tackle the problem of dry air in your home.

The best cool mist humidifier gives you a chance to breathe in moist air for several hours while sleeping. It moisturizes your body for the day ahead.

In addition, a humidifier helps restore your home’s humidity to optimal levels. This keeps you comfortable. It also protects you from allergies and the already-mentioned health complications.

Not knowing what to look for can make shopping for a bedroom humidifier challenging. The best humidifier for a bedroom must have a certain set of features.

These make the humidifier for bedrooms reliable, safe, and a great sleeping companion.

What should you look for in a humidifier for your bedroom?

Looking for the best humidifier for your bedroom need not be hard after the information that you will read here.

You should consider things like:

  • The type of humidifier
  • The noise level
  • Night lights
  • Moisture control mechanism
  • Versatility
  • The running time
  • Safety features
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Timers
  • Medication cup
  • Cost

1. Types of humidifier

When shopping for a unit to use in your bedroom, it is good to go for the type that will suit most of your needs. There are many types of humidifiers. Each kind of humidifier has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

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Here are the main available types of humidifiers that you can choose from:

Vaporizer-type of humidifiers

This type of humidifier usually comes in small, compact designs. Therefore, they are designed to be used occasionally in smaller rooms. They are portable.

They produce warm mist and are the best when you require a short-term moisture solution, like when you have the flu.

Because of their small size, they are easy to store and maintain. In addition, they run quietly enough, and they cannot distract you from sleep.

Tabletop Humidifiers

These are compact, lightweight, and portable types of humidifiers that are designed to temporarily humidify only one room.

Due to their small size and weight, they are very easy to move from one room to another. They are also affordable and easy to store when not in use.

They are not the best humidifiers for large rooms, but hey, they do the job! A small humidifier is sometimes best.

Ultrasonic humidifier: best large room humidifier

Is an ultrasonic humidifier good for sleeping?

Unlike conventional humidifiers, where water is pushed through a wick filter before being dispersed, ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound technology.

The sound vibrates the water before dispersing it with a silent fan. These types of humidifiers are best known for their near-quiet operation, making them ideal for bedrooms and lounges.

The ultrasonic humidifiers are very quiet when in operation. You can sleep or watch your television without being disrupted by their noise.

But… note that ultrasonic humidifiers are notorious for producing humidifier white dust.

Console types of humidifiers for bedroom

Console humidifiers come in a freestanding design. This means you can place it on the floor. They are bigger, and thus they have more features.

In addition, their water reservoir is larger, enabling them to disperse moisture over larger areas, making them ideal for bigger rooms.

However, the console humidifiers are not easily portable due to their size. Therefore, it is good to consider the size of your space when planning to buy a console humidifier.

Whole house humidifiers

Just as their name suggests, whole-house humidifiers are designed to humidify the entire home.

With such a model, you are not required to purchase multiple units for each room, which minimizes the overall operating and maintenance costs. However, they are more expensive to buy and install because they require a technician.

The best of the furnace humidifiers are integrated into the HVAC system. Only professionals can install these humidifier types, so get enough consultation before you buy it.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

These types of humidifiers humidify your room by releasing mist in the form of warm vapor. They do this by boiling the water in the reservoir first before dispersing it.

They are best suited for cold areas or when you want relief from a cold or flu. Their mist is healthier because, as the water boils, it kills bacteria and other impurities in the water.

However, they tend to be a bit noisier and can be riskier when kept within small kids’ reach. The hot water is a hazard to kids and pets, so you have to be very particular where you place it.

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Cool Mist Humidifiers

Just like their name suggests, cool mist humidifiers operate by diffusing cool mist into the air. They are the best models for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory complications.

The reason for this is that cooler air is easier to breathe as compared to warm mist. They are also safer for kid’s bedrooms since they lack a heating mechanism.

2. The humidifier noise level

When asking, is it good to have a humidifier in your bedroom? You need to consider the noise level.

Like most mechanical appliances, you should expect some functional noise from a humidifier for a large room.

However, different units have different noise levels. When looking for the best bedroom humidifier, find a quieter model whose level of noise will not disrupt your sleep.

Noise level is measured by decibels and if possible look for a model that operates at less than 35 decibels.

Some models come with a silent or night setting, which is a great addition. Ultrasonic humidifiers are best known for their quiet operation when compared to the other aforementioned models.

The warm mist humidifiers are also considered less noisy when compared to the vaporizer models.

3. Humidifier Night Lights

If you are looking for a humidifier for your kid’s bedroom, a model with night lights could be worth considering.

The gentle glow soothes kids. Research says it can improve the quality of their sleep or make them feel safer.

However, if you are bothered by light while sleeping, consider a model with an adjustable lighting level. You can also consider settling for a model whose night lights can be shut completely if you find even the slightest light distracting.

4. Moisture control mechanism

The best humidifier for the bedroom should have an adjustable moisture control mechanism to help you monitor and regulate the humidity in your room.

Such models come with a feature known as a humidistat. It shuts the humidifier off when the desired moisture level is achieved.

A humidistat is a very important feature in a humidifier because it ensures that the room moisture does not rise to ridiculous levels.

If the room becomes overly humid, it becomes a good environment for mold and mildew. Too much moisture can also cause deterioration of the paint, furniture, and fittings.

If you happen to buy a model that does not have a humidistat, consider buying a hygrometer separately. It will help you monitor the moisture levels in your house.

5. Versatility of use

The majority of humidifiers are designed to add more moisture to your room. However, several other multi-functional models do more than just that, which is an added advantage.

Some models also double up as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and fans. If you value versatility or multi-season comfort, consider a multi-functional model of humidifier.

The more functions it can perform, the more you will pay for it. But then, it is never about the money. It is about whether the extra features give you the best value. And they do.

6. The running time

The overall running time of a humidifier is usually determined by its size and the size of its reservoir. Bigger models usually have longer running times since they have bigger reservoirs.

The main advantage of buying a humidifier with a larger water reservoir is convenience. A bigger reservoir means that you do not have to keep refilling your unit now and then. However, this means investing in a bigger and bulkier model.

However, investing in a bigger house while your bedroom is small or medium may not be the best idea. This is because a humidifier that is too big will only end up adding too much humidity to your bedroom, making it less comfortable.

It can also contribute to creating the right environment for the growth of bacteria and mold, which are harmful to your health.

7. Humidifier safety features

The best humidifier for the bedroom should be equipped with features that will ensure your safety and that of your family.

Luckily, many models on the market come with such safety features. One of those features is the automatic shut-off.

a) Automatic shut-off

A model with an automatic shut-off will detect when the reservoir runs out of water and automatically shut the unit off. This protects the humidifier from any damage as well as preventing a potential fire hazard due to short-circuiting.

Other models have an indicator light that alerts you when the water is almost running out so that you can refill. In addition, a model with a semi-transparent water tank is also a good option, as it can help you monitor the water level.

b) Antimicrobial system

A model that features an antimicrobial system is also a great choice. Such a model has UV lights or filters. These kill bacteria, mold spores, and other pathogens before they are released into the air.

The other important safety feature that I have already mentioned is a built-in humidistat. This feature regulates your unit’s operation. It ensures that the right humidity level in your room is always maintained.

This, in turn, ensures that the moisture levels do not rise to extreme levels, causing damage and deterioration to the items in your home.

c) Humidifier timer

This is a very important consideration when choosing a humidifier for the bedroom.

Consider buying a humidifier with a timer if you prefer it to run during the day. This ensures your bedroom is already properly humidified by the time you go to sleep.

The timer allows you to set the time you want your unit to start running. It will then turn the humidifier on automatically at the set time.

A timer ensures that your machine runs only the time that you want it to.

d) Medicine cup in a humidifier

A humidifier moisturizes your air when it becomes too dry. However, you can also use it to ease some symptoms when you are feeling ill.

Such humidifier models come with a special compartment known as a medication cup. In this special reservoir, you can add certain medications, essential oils, or inhalants.

The humidifier releases these essential oils while they are inside the mist. They will help relieve your symptoms, such as congestion, a sore throat, or itchy eyes.

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Price: How much does a humidifier cost?

Cost is usually an important consideration when buying almost anything. It is not any different when buying a humidifier.

Generally, smaller humidifiers will cost you less than the bigger ones. This is because the smaller it is, the fewer the features, and vice versa.

Although a small humidifier might cost you less initially, you could end up spending more in the end. This is because the cheaper it is, the higher the subsequent replacement costs.

While considering the cost, also consider the model’s mechanisms. For example, does the model use filters, and how often do they need to be replaced?

Ensure that if it does require any major replacements, they are not too costly and are easily available on the market.

Wrapping it up

Is it good to have a humidifier in the bedroom and what is the best type for you? It is obvious, you need to compare humidifiers before ordering one.

Now that you have seen the most important things to consider when choosing a humidifier for your bedroom, get one.

Whether you need a small or large room humidifier for sleeping, there is one for you, under your budget too.