Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier Review

When you go out to buy a portable dehumidifier, you will find that the Pro Breeze features top on the most bought units. In this Pro Breeze Electric Mini dehumidifier review, we shall see whether this unit is worth spending your money on.

If you live in a place that experiences high humidity in summer or all the time such as Florida, you need a whole house dehumidifier.

You could try the 70-Pint Frigidaire dehumidifier for the basement. Of course, when choosing a dehumidifier, you should get one rated for that space.

In this review, we believe that the Pro Breeze Electric Mini is the best small dehumidifier for small room. Keep reading, you will see why.

Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier Features & Technical Specs

Before you can commit your hard-earned money to buy the Pro Breeze Mini dehumidifier on, you need to read a couple of Pro Breeze Electric Mini dehumidifier reviews.

In this one, we reveal the features this electric dehumidifier comes with.

Design and Build Quality

Measuring about 13 inches high, 7 inches wide and 7 inches long, this is a small dehumidifier. Therefore, you can place your Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier on the table or even on your desk with space to spare.

The weight of this dehumidifier is 2.3KG only. Thus, it is light enough to carry from place to place or room to room. It can also fit in the snuggest of spaces in your RV comfortably.

The manufacturer has used plastic material. There is no surprise there since most dehumidifiers and humidifiers are made of plastic.

It reduces the weight a great deal. The finishing is white, a natural color that compliments any interior décor that you have at home.

Tank size and capacity

The tank size and capacity of the dehumidifier to remove water is very important. This is why many people ask: are Pro Breeze dehumidifiers any good?

The one that we are reviewing here has a space rating of 250 square feet. Considering that the average size of an American house is 2600 square feet, you can see that this dehumidifier might be enough for the living room.

The tank size is 1.5 liters. However, the dehumidifier can only extract 0.5 liters of moisture from your indoor air a day. Thus, it can run for three days before you need to empty it. Remember, you can use dehumidifier water to water your plants.

As you can see, this is quite a small capacity. Thus, if you live in a place that gets really humid in summer, you might need to get a dehumidifier with a bigger capacity.

Auto Off Function

If you travel and you leave this dehumidifier switched on, you need not worry that it will overheat, because it will not.

It has an auto shut-off function. If the tank gets full, the dehumidifier turns itself off. It has an LED light that lights up when it is full.

Emptying the dehumidifier tank is so easy. Once you get the tank out of the dehumidifier, use the pipe it comes with to empty the water to a sink or a container.

Even if this is your first dehumidifier, you will find it so easy to empty the tank, return it to the dehumidifier and get it running again.

Also, if you need to clean the tank, you might use vinegar to prevent the growth of mold. You could also use bleach, but make sure you NEVER use vinegar and bleach together.

Any Pro Breeze 1500ml mini dehumidifier review can show you how easy this appliance is to use. It also comes with a comprehensive user manual or you could download one from their website.

Energy efficiency and noise level

Do you need a dehumidifier that you can run day and night even in your bedroom? Any Pro Breeze electric mini dehumidifier will show you that this one is super quiet and energy-efficient.

It uses thermoelectric cooling/Peltier Technology, which is very quiet. You run this dehumidifier in a room with a sleeping baby and it will not disrupt their sleep.

It will hardly take your power bill a notch higher. Thus, even if you need to run the Pro Breeze Mini dehumidifier day and night, you need not worry about energy usage.

Who Should Buy the Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier?

As you have seen in this Pro Breeze Mini dehumidifier review, it is small, light in weight, quiet and energy efficient.

Thus, if you need a dehumidifier for your camper van, RV, motor-home, boat or one of the rooms in your home, this will meet your needs.

Also, the manufacturer says that this dehumidifier is best for use in places with a temperature of at least 57°F/14°C.

Be mindful of the space rating. It should not be bigger than 250 square feet.

Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier FAQ

If you need more clarity about the Pro Breeze Mini Electric dehumidifier, these frequently asked questions and their answers might help:

What is the best small dehumidifier?

There are many but the Pro Breeze Mini Electric  dehumidifier for 150 square feet is highly rated. It uses Peltier Technology so it is quieter than most. Remember to use it for the space it is rated for and it will not disappoint you.

Conclusion and Recommendation

To end this Pro Breeze 1500ml mini dehumidifier review, we have some recommendations:

First, read the user manual so that you can know how to use this unit. Secondly, never use it in a space that is bigger than what it is rated for.

Thirdly, learn how a dehumidifier works. That way, if you find challenges such as a dehumidifier blowing cold air, you can fix it up.

Fourthly, Pro Breeze has many more dehumidifiers as you can see on If the electric mini dehumidifier does not meet your needs, you can try the Pro Breeze 3000ML mini dehumidifier.