Can You Use Perfume In a Humidifier? Yes, with Caution

Among some of the most popular questions on the web regarding what you can add to your humidifier apart from water is: Can I put perfume in my humidifier?

It is no surprise, really, because, in another article, I asked whether you can add fabric softener to a humidifier.

So, can you put perfume in your humidifier? If you must, make sure it is oil-based perfume only. Alcohol-based perfumes or fragrances may be toxic when inhaled for a long time. They can also damage your humidifier or start a fire when exposed to the heating element.

If you use an alcohol-based perfume in a humidifier, the effect is similar to spraying perfume on an open fire.

Putting oil-based perfumes in a humidifier is not dangerous, but it is not recommended, as they may void your humidifier’s warranty.

If you check the Pure Enrichment humidifier instructions, you will find that they expressly forbid you from adding anything to your humidifier water.

If you must add perfume to your humidifier, clean it after every use. Alcohol-based perfumes may stain or discolor the tank.

Can I put perfume in my humidifier?

Can I put perfume in my humidifier

Do not put the whole perfume bottle in the humidifier tank; just spray the perfume in the water tank or put just a few drops. Adding too much perfume may clog and break the humidifier’s motor.

Besides, using too much perfume in the humidifier may be overwhelming and make breathing hard. It is also good to know that human perfumes are not safe for pets.

They could irritate their eyes, skin, and throats. Therefore, ensure you leave the doors open for your pets to go out in case of irritation.

Can you put cologne in a humidifier?

Cologne is an alcohol-based perfume made explicitly for men. As we’ve already mentioned, alcohol-based perfumes should not be used in the humidifier, as they may stain it or cause fire accidents.

Do not use cologne in the humidifier. It is best to add a couple of drops of essential oils to the humidifier for aromatherapy.

Even then, just use a few drops! If you can get a diffuser for essential oils, it would help with aromatherapy.

In the same way, do not use aftershave in your humidifier tank. Aftershave is still a cologne with a hint of antiseptic. This makes it toxic and dangerous to inhale.

What happens if you put perfume in a humidifier?

If you put perfume in a humidifier, you risk damaging it in the end because this might clog its nozzle. A clogged nozzle is one of the reasons for the Levoit humidifier not working.

If you put alcohol-based perfume in the humidifier, there is a risk of a fire accident. That’s why you should be careful when using perfumes in the humidifier. If you feel the humidifier smell like burning, check it immediately.

If you regularly add perfume to your humidifier, ensure you do the following to get the most out of it:

Clean the humidifier tank daily

Clean your humidifier daily and allow it to dry for at least two hours to keep grease buildup at bay.

Other than preventing the buildup of minerals, cleaning the humidifier daily lowers the risk of mold growth.

Change the water in the tank daily

If the water in the humidifier sits in it for too long, it might form a film, which is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Unclog the nozzle

Check for clogs when cleaning the humidifier. Prolonged use of perfumes and essential oils in the humidifier may end up clogging the nozzle. This reduces its effectiveness.

Using tap water in the humidifier causes clogging of some humidifier parts; that’s why it is advisable to use distilled water.

Clean the tank with bleach or hydrogen peroxide

Use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or any other non-harmful disinfectant to clean it to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It also kills mold, which can cause serious mold toxicity symptoms if not removed.

Rinse the humidifier tank thoroughly to keep the cleaning chemicals from mixing with essential oils or the perfume that you use in the humidifier.

Remember, you should never use bleach with vinegar because it forms a dangerous gas.

It is also best to use one cleaning chemical at a time. For instance, if you choose hydrogen peroxide, then use just that. If you choose to use bleach, use just that.

Can you add perfume to a humidifier?

Can you add perfume to a humidifier

You can add perfume to a humidifier only if no family member has asthma, chest tightness issues, or other respiratory allergies.

Please note: solid fragrances are not suitable for babies as their mucous membranes are still forming, and they are sensitive to strong smells.

Some pregnant women may be opposed to some fragrances, so ensure that whatever perfume you use will not irritate their nostrils.

When using humidifiers, ensure the room is well-ventilated and stay alert for any allergic reactions among those in the house, including the pets.

To prevent overheating and burnout, run your humidifier for 30 minutes before refilling it.

Humidifiers that don’t have an automatic shut-off feature should be checked regularly to ensure the tank always has water. Running a humidifier when the tank is empty can cause damage.

Can I put a scent in my humidifier?

You could use a Vicks humidifier with VapoPads because it comes with scent pads. So, you almost get the function of a diffuser from the humidifier.

If your unit does not have scent pads, you should not add essential oil in the humidifier. It can damage the tank.

Besides, using essential oil in a cool mist humidifier cannot ensure the breakdown of the oil into tiny droplets to be dispersed with the water.

If the humidifier instructions say not to add essential oil to the tank, please do not use it.

Can I put body perfume in my humidifier?

Can I put body perfume in my humidifier

You can put a very small amount of perfume in the humidifier to enjoy a good smell in your house.

It would be much better to invest in a diffuser, but if you don’t have one for now, just go for body perfume.

After filling the humidifier tank with water, add a few drops of water and then switch the unit on. It is going to dispel a sweet-smelling mist.

Adding too much perfume and essential oil to the humidifier can clog the nozzle. You could find yourself asking why your humidifier is not misting.

Can I put lemon juice in my humidifier?

Can I put lemon juice in my humidifier

I would put a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice in the humidifier. This would serve more purposes than just improving the smell.

Lemon can prevent the symptoms of mold in humidifier. It has the same effect as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Besides, it does not damage the tank.

If you have stale odors in the house, an air purifier can help with musty smell. However, if you don’t have it, just squeeze a lemon in a small cup, and then filter the juice and add it to the humidifier tank.

Do not drop a whole lemon inside the tank, you know, the same way you would install a demineralization cartridge in a humidifier. The lemon can disintegrate and clog the nozzle, affecting the mist output.

Wrapping Up

You can use your perfume in the humidifier, but only the oil-based ones. To keep your humidifier working for longer when you use perfume, always clean it at the end of the day and let it dry completely.

Be careful not to let water get inside the base because it can get to the circuitry. This causes the problem of the humidifier shutting down all the time.

If the humidifier is under warranty, don’t use perfume in it. This can void the warranty. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for Crane humidifier, or any other brand name, and use it accordingly.